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    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    How would you say it performs in comparison to coconut oil?
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    Soap Shreds

    Neat creation. Apologies for not knowing, but what is it?
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    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Well, that is unfortunate. Cannabis is very good at relieving pain from all kinds of arthritis, especially rheumatoid, and I'm sure your sister could benefit from it. However the legal aspect is another monster altogether. I am a medical patient in Rhode Island, and of all the medical states...
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    Looking to explore

    Well, it's not an oil extracted from cannabis, I actually use coconut oil to extract all the healing agents from the cannabis and from there use that oil to make different things. Additionally I use lecithin in the oil extraction process to help with bio-availability.
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    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Thanks a lot for the replies. I am very new to the lotion-making world, and to all the surrounding topics, essential oils included. I'd love to hear more about essential oils and their therapeutic usage in lotions and creams. I am not dead set on a balm texture, it is just a good solid to use...
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    Looking to explore

    Hi, I'm new to this website, and the whole theme of it in general. I'm a medical marijuana patient, and I make balms/gels using marijuana concentrated oils/alcohols. I hope none of you receive me the wrong way, everything I do is 100% legal, and for medicinal use. The employment of marijuana...
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    Can I share a sparkly secret?

    I like your enthusiasm. Stay sparkly :wink:
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    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and this will be my first post. Maybe a little controversial of a topic for some of you, but I am a medical marijuana patient and I apply the use of marijuana concentrated oils into balms/gels for therapeutic use. It is great for pain, and does not get you "high"...