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  1. Professor Bernardo

    Thoughts on a recipe for shaving soap

    I wish you good luck in your endeavors.
  2. Professor Bernardo

    Thoughts on a recipe for shaving soap

    You have a nearly 1 to 1 oils to water ratio. Should work, will take a long time to saponify. Basically you're making a cream soap, or "croap" as you're calling it. Upping the KOH percentage will make a softer, more pasty soap in the beginning, but it will eventually get more solid. The soap...
  3. Professor Bernardo

    Is this soap safe to use?

    The soap should be safe to use after the 4-6 week aging period. If you are selling it, just don't sell the bars that are weird looking, or cut them up into small sample pieces leaving out the blemished areas. If you are keeping it for personal use, just save the blemished pieces for bathing the...
  4. Professor Bernardo

    Carrie Seiberts book

    Yes. Go with it and make yourself some shave soap!
  5. Professor Bernardo

    Recommend A Printer

    I use Canon and Brother, both work very well.
  6. Professor Bernardo

    Fragrance Buddy- anything I just *have* to get?

    I heard that the Essence of Wookie is quite enchanting.
  7. Professor Bernardo

    Carrie Seiberts book

    No, keep the glycerine at 10% maximum. I keep the Tussah silk at a 0.1% of total oil weight. Lard is pork fat, tallow is beef fat. Yes, lard is easier to get but it's properties are better suited for making regular bar soap and cooking. Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat...
  8. Professor Bernardo

    Carrie Seiberts book

    Your recipe looks promising for sure! I prefer to use Beef Tallow since most of the preferred men's shave soaps, especially those of yesteryear, use it. I use a 20% ratio for the Beef Tallow. As AliOop stated, the process is more of a modified hot process. I put both the lye water and the...
  9. Professor Bernardo

    Hemp oil soap

    Yes you can.
  10. Professor Bernardo

    Dual Lye Shaving Soap w/Stearic Acid Failures

    I have noticed that your oils only add up to a total of 80% oil weight (as you listed them above). Now if you plug these ounces listing into the Soapmaking Friend Calculator you get a 60% for the stearic acid, which then comes out to 100%. You cannot count glycerin as an oil... it isn't, but it...
  11. Professor Bernardo

    Lost my wholesale account, oh well.

    I don't know if you have a "marketing" sense or whatever, but a jump from $2 to $3 a bar is a 50% price increase. From that point of view, just about anyone would react in a negative way. Think about it. What would your reaction be if the price of your soapmaking oils went up 50%, or the cost...
  12. Professor Bernardo

    Deodorizing Tallow

    The scent will vanish once you make it into soap. Even tallow purchased online will have the "beef fat" odor. I use tallow in my shave soaps and not a hint of odor comes through in the final product. I use a large percentage too for it's creamy lather properties.
  13. Professor Bernardo

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Should be no issues at all. Glycerin is not a fat, it is a sugar alcohol or polyol. It should be added after the cook is complete. Cut back on the coconut oil to around 10%. Try using some Shea Butter too.
  14. Professor Bernardo

    Inconsistent shave soap lather

    Hello Crista 10! Yes, the higher KOH to NaOH ratio makes a softer, more paste-like soap. The oils really don't have much to do with the pastiness of the soap. Stearic Acid makes a quite hard soap if used with just NaOH, but with KOH it becomes softer. Castor oil contributes to a bubbly...
  15. Professor Bernardo

    Inconsistent shave soap lather

    Welcome to the forum! So you want your lather to last a while longer and not evaporate. Actually the lather doesn't evaporate, it collapses. No structure to support all the tiny bubbles of lather foam. Let's dissect this somewhat... 1. For a good shave soap you want the fatty acids...
  16. Professor Bernardo

    Shave Soap Do I need to line my cylinder mold for a dual-lye shave soap?

    The divot is hardly noticeable. I just overlap, the weight and density of the soap helps to push it tight. One thing I do is to push the overlap in tight against the outer layer of acetate and then use a small piece of Scotch tape to temporarily hold it on both ends and then pouring in the...
  17. Professor Bernardo

    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    I meant to say 50% Stearic fatty acid profile. My neurons were misfiring at the time.
  18. Professor Bernardo

    Shave Soap Do I need to line my cylinder mold for a dual-lye shave soap?

    When I was making soap pucks I used sheets of clear acetate. You can get them from Amazon. 4 mil thickness in 12"x12" size. Perfect for your 12" mold. BTW... 4 mil means .004" not 4 millimeters. Plus these are reusable. 15 pack for $7.99...
  19. Professor Bernardo

    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    @AliOop Stay away from EDTA, it has issues with skin. The FDA says it's "SAFE", but I don't trust the FDA. However, it is a chelating agent. I would rather use Sodium Citrate vs EDTA. However, regardless of water hardness, all that stearic acid and beef tallow makes for rinsing the lavatory...
  20. Professor Bernardo

    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    You can build lather in the same bowl as where the soap stored. However, to build up a good volume of lather a separate bowl is recommended. However, a lot of men do use the same container. Heck there are quite a few that just use the jar that the soap comes in for lather building. That is...