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  1. Skatergirl46

    Another salt bar

    I really like salt bars but the all CO ones are just too harsh for my older skin. I made this recently and I'm liking it a lot. I just got out of the shower and my skin is super soft! 60% CO 20% PKO 10% Castor 10% Kokum Butter 50% salt
  2. Skatergirl46

    Pumpkin Pie, well, the smell of it anyway

    A couple of days ago I made a batch of HP with Pumpkin Pie FO in it. I had been smelling it for hours after cutting the loaf. Earlier that day my husband picked up some pumpkin spice coffee at Trader Joe’s. In the evening he made a pot of it and we each got a cup. When I lifted my cup to drink...
  3. Skatergirl46

    ISO soap dishes

    I’m wondering if anyone here knows of a supplier of cheap wood soap dishes? I want to make gifts of soap for my friends and I want to include a soap dish so that the soap will last as long as possible for their enjoyment. I did this once several years ago and some of those people are still using...
  4. Skatergirl46

    Chunky HP soap on a rope

    I made these in my Essential Depot silicone mold. I was going to use my tall and skinny, but it was really too skinny to accommodate the rope knot and have much longevity, so I used my larger mold. This is scented with Ginger Lime from BB and the color comes from the beer that made up most of...
  5. Skatergirl46

    Yesterday I made...

    meat soap! Wa wa wa ��. It was supposed to be a hanger swirl, but while I whisked in the colorant to part of it, the uncolored part set up on me. I tried it anyway, but as you can see the white was already lumpy. I guess this is sort of fitting, since I got the beef fat that I rendered from my...
  6. Skatergirl46

    Offered recipes and assistance and got attitude?

    I worked as an official at my old league's derby game last night and saw a woman who has been a casual friend for a few years. She had a display of her silver jewelry and M&P soaps that she was selling. I have bought many things from her in the past including some soaps. We were chatting and I...
  7. Skatergirl46

    I woke up to an oil slick! O.o

    So I put my container of CO on my kitchen counter to melt over night. My oven is the type that is always on, so it is warm in my kitchen. This morning I woke up to melted CO all over my counter top. :lolno: A little ran down the front of one of my cabinets, but other than that it was limited to...
  8. Skatergirl46

    Green Tea and Eucalyptus Salt Bars

    I was down to my last two salt bars so I made some more. I used Dollar Store bath salts that were a light orange color. That was the only colorant. I used 83% CO, 10% Mango Butter, and 7% Castor. 20% SF, and 50% salt. I used BB's Green Tea FO and a little Eucalyptus EO. It has a very day spa...
  9. Skatergirl46

    Let's talk about Rose fragrances

    I love the aroma of roses and I want to know what everyone's favorite rose scent is. Let's skip the absolutes since I'm not independently wealthy ;) When I was a kid my mom had this cream that had the scent of roses. It was in a little jar that was shaped like a rose and it smelled lovely...
  10. Skatergirl46

    Partial GM HP

    I've been spending time doing some of my other hobbies and activities lately and have neglected my soap making. Yesterday my soaping addiction got the better of me and I had to make a batch. Of course I picked the hottest day of the year so far where I live. :rolleyes: ...and of course my plan...
  11. Skatergirl46

    A question about Sunflower oil

    I was at my local market picking up some more lard when I saw Sunflower oil at a good price. I bought a bottle to try in my soap. I have never used it before. Soap Calc. lists two different Sunflower oils. How do I know if what I have is high oleic? .....and a second question: What do you...
  12. Skatergirl46

    My friend got excited when I gave her my soap!

    I made little gift bag combo.'s for my friends this year. They contained a loofah scrubber, exfoliating washcloth, bath puff, wood soap deck and three bars of my soap. I was sick the week before Christmas so I am just now getting them all distributed. I gave my friend hers yesterday and she...
  13. Skatergirl46

    This is what HP gel looks like

    A few people have been talking about trying HP lately so I thought I would post a few pictures of what the gel phase looks like in the pot. It's easier than trying to describe it. The first one is the gel just starting around the edges. The second one is when gel is nearly finished. The darker...
  14. Skatergirl46

    BBW Twisted Peppermint dupe.?

    I love the peppermint lotion I got at BBW. It's called Twisted Peppermint. I'd love to make some candy cane soap if I can find the scent. I know about Peppermint EO but I want something sweet. Does anyone know of a good dupe. of this scent or something that is very similar?
  15. Skatergirl46

    Pumpkin Pie HP

    My son requested some pumpkin pie scented soap. I have been trying new additives that I haven't used before and this one was pumpkin. I substituted 200g of it for 200g of the water mixture. I stick blended the pumpkin into my melted oils before adding the lye water. I also added my usual sugar...
  16. Skatergirl46

    Christmas tree HP

    This is the second batch from yesterday. It's a fairly high OO recipe so it's not ready to cut yet. I unmolded it this morning. You can see from the bottom of the loaf that it's too soft still. It stuck a little to the knife when I cut the end off. The scent is BB's Christmas Tree. I really...
  17. Skatergirl46

    Rosemary Lemongrass CP

    I got my shipment of FO's and EO's from Brambleberry the day before yesterday, so yesterday was soaping day. My first batch was CP. I used some dried and ground Rosemary from my back yard. I ground it up with a mortar and pestle to a fairly fine powder. I wanted something natural in there to...
  18. Skatergirl46

    Dollar store salt bars

    I made salt bars with 50% salt. I used dollar store bath salt and that was the only colorant. The scent is BB Green Tea. I knew that this FO would behave in CP and I didn't want any surprises for my first salt batch. I had left my CO on my kitchen counter right next to my oven overnight so it...
  19. Skatergirl46

    Rosemary in soap

    I have a big Rosemary bush in my yard. I trimmed some of the top and dehydrated it, then ground it up to a powder. I was thinking about making a soap without colorant other than this powder. I like soap with little speckles in it. What I'm wondering is if it will be too exfoliating? A bit of...
  20. Skatergirl46

    Wood molds for ED red silicone liners on sale! Today only.

    Nurture soap supplies has a wood mold for the red silicone liners. The web page says the sale goes on until today. I have this in my cart and it shows the sale price. :)