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    Beginner Making Liquid Soap

    this is what i'm playing with right now. but I'm seeing the cleansing property is really high, and longevity and stability are low. I've messed around with the percentages a bit but I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on if I should add or change ingredients. thanks!
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    want to try making liquid soap

    what products would fall under the categories of superfats? newbie here :)
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    Beginner Making Liquid Soap

    after a little bit of reading around on the forum, it sounds like shea butter is more of a label-thing vs being useful in liquid soaps. I'm reading 5% would be the amount of shea butter used, but at this level it doesn't actually make a difference in noticing moisturizing qualities. am i...
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    Aloe Vera Juice

    what ratio does everyone use if using aloe vera juice as a full water replacement?
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    Beginner Making Liquid Soap

    Hi! I thought this would be a fun project but am realizing I'm in over my head! I'm looking for some recommendations on a liquid soap recipe. I don't have much for quantities, just general ingredients that I'm trying to put into a recipe format. Aloe vera juice Coconut oil Postassium Hydroxide...