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    Soap based shampoo - mixing & thickening

    Thanks so much! This is so much fun! I must admit that the pH-thing has scared me a bit, but I will focus on adding superfat and create an awesome conditioner. Btw - would you add the superfat to the shampoo or the soap? Anyway, thanks for the help! I will probably need more later… I’ll keep...
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    Soap based shampoo - mixing & thickening

    Sorry - I was unclear. The soap is liquid using KOH. Edit: what is a good pH-level for hair?
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    Soap based shampoo - mixing & thickening

    Hi! I am making a lye-soap based shampoo specifically for Afro hair. I have found that soap with 45% olive, 25% castor, 20% murumuru & 10% jojoba is perfect! I am now mixing the soap with distilled water, oil & stuff to make shampoo. (Not certain yet but it seems like 150ml soap, 50ml water...