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    More Pics from me

    Thanks all! I used many scents. Need to write them down.
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    More Pics from me

    Here are more pictures of my soap.
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    Not Just Soap

    Those are next on my agenda!
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    Not Just Soap

    i also like making bath bombs although I’m an avid shower user.
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    My latest creations

    More soap. More cuts.
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    First batches of soaps

    Great job! Loved the labels. Gotta learn how to make them.
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    Post your happy

    I am happy for life itself. Everything else is bearable. No matter how unbearable it may seem.
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    My first few batches

    I just cut several batches and figured I’d share. I like the colors. The whole family had a part in it which made it more fun.
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    Newbie soaper

    Here’s the slices.
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    Newbie from Minnesota

    I’m a newbie although I’m up and at it already. I like this forum and all the information it provides. I’m working my way around so I can maximize its potential. Thanks to all who contribute!
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    Newbie soaper

    Hi! I’m a very new soaper but having fun (so far). I want to thank all for your comments as it truly helps us newbies. I’m loving this forum!