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  1. Loralei

    Purple Lilac Soap

    Marking the pots is a great idea! I am stuck on using plant based colours, so am limited in how to use them. That said, I do drool over those vibrant mica colours!!
  2. Loralei

    Palm Free!!

    I've been playing with the same idea.. using cocoa and shea butters, avocado oil, CO, rice bran, stearic acid, and??? (Just woke up, recipe is in studio, but I'll look for it).. I recall that the recipe had good hardness, but it was soo soft! I used the suggestionfrom @amd for 1% SA, and am...
  3. Loralei

    Purple Lilac Soap

    Looks great, @Hendejm ! And thank you, @Misschief , for asking my question on the kind of purple used ♡
  4. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I finished up some hpls yesterday, using a new formula.. tried thickening with some glycerin and xanthan gum, and will test later today.. Also sniffed some CP soap sitting on the curing rack as I walked by.. looking forward to making more CP soap soon, lol!
  5. Loralei

    Grams or oz?????

    When I started making, I used oz... now that I understand more, I have switched to grams, and everything consistently comes out better.. if I were you, I would run your recipe through a calculator again, using grams, so that you have the most accurate information, and results.
  6. Loralei

    So 4-6 weeks to cure - how do you know?

    I'm still experimenting/learning, but I always find that when I grab s bar after a short cure, because I can't wait to try it, the next bar is always better.. more lather, creamier, whatever.. just better.. So, now I'm trying to use leftover bits first, and wait for the "good" bars to get a...
  7. Loralei

    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    Lol, @Zing ! I will get there... and thank you for the encouragement! (Dreaming of a 6th place win now, lol!)
  8. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    @SYT I think that your soap is beautiful! Thanks, @Meena ! Finally started to feel human today, and was able to eat real food, woot!
  9. Loralei

    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    Thank you for the help, @dibbles - I look forward to joining in!!
  10. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Roflmao,@KiwiMoose !!
  11. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    @KiwiMoose , I am in awe of you!! This is just beautiful!
  12. Loralei

    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    I'm a dork, I know.. but how do we check if we have 50 posts? I'd love to join in a few of these challenges (but not this month!)
  13. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oh man... I've been down with the flu for 4 days,but I need to prep for this show.. and what a mess! I ruined a batch of HPLS by using NaOH instead of KOH... duh!! Clearly, my brain is still addled... oh well.. back to the studio to try again...
  14. Loralei

    Whats for dinner?

    I just got weird that we are having beans and toast for supper - one of my faves!!
  15. Loralei

    The word association game

  16. Loralei

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I love everyone's pictures so much!! I'm knee deep in prepping for a trade show.. since I mostly make cleaning products, I have no pretty pictures . Lots of liquid soap for dishes, though! And 1700+ sample jars of my all purpose cleaner...
  17. Loralei

    note to self

    I usually use the dishwasher for soapy stuff, but only non plastics, and separate from household stuff.. Funny story, though - the other day when I was washing, hubby came home to find suds all over our floor!!! Never again will I be too lazy to mostly wipe down my mixing tubs!!
  18. Loralei

    SMF January 2019 SOAP Challenge - DOTS!

    So much fun to see everyone's work, and congratulations to all the winners! @KiwiMoose I'm pretty sure that your brain is always working overtime - and I absolutely LOVE those mandala soaps!! I never would have thought to take spotty in that direction!
  19. Loralei

    The 4-letter game

    Got to go camping LSHS
  20. Loralei

    The 4-letter game

    Red umbrellas bring happiness (And, this is a great game!) PINT