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    My Experimental Honey & Beeswax Soap

    I wish I could smell it! It looks great!
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    Bath Bomb

    The first time I made bath bombs I used mica to color mine a real light purple since I was using lavender EO. It seemed like I had to use more of the Mica then I really wanted to just to get the light purple color. Big mistake.... the mica made a ring in the bath tub and then the oils used made...
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    my farm made goats milk & lard

    That soap does look nice-n-creamy! You are lucky... here in Wisconsin we can't get fresh goat milk due to State regulations :-(
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    Secret Wonderland ITP Swirl

    I'll have to give it a whirl :-) Thanks!
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    Secret Wonderland ITP Swirl

    I like it! How did the FO work for you? I've read some mixed reviews but I think it just depends on the recipe used.
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    ITP swirl w/butterfly effect?!?!

    Very pretty. I've never tried those color combinations but I will now :-)
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    New Mold - just poured!

    Maybe the color's will become more vibrant as it cures but honestly I think it looks great just the way it is. I wish I could smell it! :-)
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    My second swirl attempt

    I love the colors you chose. Beautiful!
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    Virginia soapist says Hi

    Welcome to the forum!
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    More pumpkin pie

    It looks beautiful! It makes me wish we had scratch and sniff monitors or a smell-a-soap App ;-)
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    Pumpkin Lager FO

    I agree with you dixiedragon. I had no chocolate smell from BB's Pumpkin Lager. It smells just like you said with the pumpkin and spices although I don't smell the beer in mine. It's not an overly sweet smell either. Everyone who has smelled it likes it and wants a bar after it has cured. It's...
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    Check out my new animalistic swirl tool

    That's one beautiful tool! ;-) I'll be looking forward to seeing the outcome in your soap!
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    First batch cut

    I love the color! Very pretty!
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    I think I may have an OCD but loving it.

    I have to soap when no one is home or late at night when everyone is in bed just so I can concentrate on what I am doing! My brain doesn't like to multi task anymore :shock: lol Yep... I've done many hobbies to and that's most likely what he's waiting for is the novelty to ware off. I'll be...
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    How do you guard your recipes?

    I know your very concerned about a bad review but if you have a lot of good review's, I wouldn't worry about it. Anyone with half a brain knows there is a @%% in every crowd, right? I have been buying and selling off and on from Ebay for 12 years. I am just amazed at the people who will still...
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    I think I may have an OCD but loving it.

    Awwww, that is so sweet!!! I hope that turns out to be the case here to! You've given me hope! :grin:
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    I'm MP Challenged

    Krista, I feel your pain. I often wondered how people do that to!
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    I think I may have an OCD but loving it.

    Corinne, I know what your saying about the kitchen. Gary (hubby) has asked more times then I can remember to get the kitchen back. He loves to cook and our kitchen is just to small for both of us to work in. That's a good idea about the masculine soap. I've made a couple but they need more...
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    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Welcome... from one Wisconsinite to another!:)
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    I think I may have an OCD but loving it.

    Hi everyone! Around the middle of May I made my first CPOP soap. Since then I have made 19 more soaps... CP, CPOP and HP soaps. All small batches of course. I mainly use the crafters choice 1501 mold and another one half that size. I've also done 6 M&P soaps which is something I've done on and...