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  1. fuzz-juzz

    Brine fail, help trouble shoot?

    I think salt is the culprit. Something similar happened to my brine soap. Regular recipe, FO I've used before, but... Soap turned into oozy, lye heavy mess. It did come together in the slow cooker though. To be honest, it was one of the best soaps I've ever made, it felt so good on skin and...
  2. fuzz-juzz

    Good apple or fruit FO from BB?

    I got Apple and Sage few months ago from Aus seller. Not sure if it's old stock or new (reformulated). I quite like it, it's fruity but with a herby note. It's so easy to soap with too. Lychee red tea is my all time favourite from BB. There's tart whiff in it but it as a bit of rose in it, lasts...
  3. fuzz-juzz

    Are Hot Process Recipes a Rare Find?

    Thanks! Forgot to add... I just use my regular recipe with some extra water. :)
  4. fuzz-juzz

    Are Hot Process Recipes a Rare Find?

    My next batch will be HP. Last two CP batches were a complete disaster - my mistakes. I'm scared I might stuff it up again lol and also, I am so short on soaps, if I do CP now it will never cure in time for use as I like my CP soaps to be 3 months old at least. I have so FOs that I want to test...
  5. fuzz-juzz

    Your first soap

    I was and still am into frugal living, recycling anything, reusing etc etc so I stumbled upon blog with a post about soapmaking. Due to skin problems, allergies to SLS etc, I was already buying bar soap so I made a decision to try and do it myself. Recipe was basic, 75% OO and 25% CO. I added...
  6. fuzz-juzz

    What type of swirls are these?

    I think all of them are drop swirls. Some of them are smooshed at the top with a spoon I think. If you haven't seen her already, Royalty soaps does really cool drop swirls. Batter needs to be still a bit runny for best results. Forgot to add that you need to do the drop swirls from a decent...
  7. fuzz-juzz

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    It didn't come together even after cooking for 3h on high setting. Water and oil kept oozing out. It was brine soap, so I think salt might have played the part that. I've rebatched few times but it always turns out fine. I tried stickblending but that didn't help either. Definitely very strange...
  8. fuzz-juzz

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    In my 5 years of soaping, I had few disasters, but I've never encountered lye pockets. So, today I've learnt that if it looks like a lye pocket IT IS a lye pocket, no need to zap test. My poor tongue, 1h later and it's still tingly... And, if the soap batter is on a yellowish side, IT IS false...
  9. fuzz-juzz

    Soaping with rice oil

    I use it at about 15 to 25%. Most of my soaps are made with a little of clay and I never have issues with soft soap. Unless when RBO is used at about 50% haha. Don't do it, it was an experiment. It does have similar properties to OO but it cures same, to nicely hard and shiny bar.
  10. fuzz-juzz

    How have your ideals changed?

    To be honest, I'm not even sure how I came up with the idea. I think I stumbled on some blog about frugal living and it went from there. My first recipe was 75% OO and 25%, I used lavender oil from the pharmacy and lavender buds. I got mouse poop soap and it had no fragrance whatsoever. But, it...
  11. fuzz-juzz

    Help! I used KOH instead of NaOH accidentally. Rebatch as liquid soap?

    Put your recipe through lye calculator as a liquid soap, with KOH. Make sure SF is correct and everything else like water ratio etc Try and figure out the amount of KOH you're short or have too much of. That might give you an idea if it's salvageable ir not. I'm on my phone which doesn't...
  12. fuzz-juzz

    Is Pyrex all right for one use?

    How bad are those jugs that came out about 5 years ago. I still have one but I rarely use it. You can't pour cup of anything without spilling half, doesn't matter how much you try. They're certainly not for soaping unless you want half of your soap batter on the bench. I think they've fixed the...
  13. fuzz-juzz

    Is Pyrex all right for one use?

    Spelling on my pyrex is lower case. So I guess it is newer glass then. It was purchased in early 2000s, can't remember the year, maybe 2001-2002. I understand everything and that there is a certain risk but, there's risk with everything unfortunately. :D But now you scared me enough and I think...
  14. fuzz-juzz

    Is Pyrex all right for one use?

    To me it was. Mine is almost 20 years old. Most troubles with them come due to improper use. I thought they changed when shape changed.
  15. fuzz-juzz

    Is Pyrex all right for one use?

    That's the old Pyrex. It should be fine. I've been soaping with mine for 5+ years. I melt oils in it (microwave) and add lye water, mix into batter and then separate. I even gelled CP liquid soap in it. As long as it's not exposed to sudden temperature changes, it should be fine. I'm mixing...
  16. fuzz-juzz


    Great job! I have flower mould on the left. It is quite detailed but the silicone is thin and soft, they always come out perfect. Especially if they gel through.
  17. fuzz-juzz

    Favorite Soaping Patterns

    ITP swirls. I've created something similar to cosmic wave but I didn't know it has a name lol. And I like plain soaps. Just one colour, maybe bit of texture on the top. Nothing beats natural and clean looking soap. If it's coloured to light pastel or if only clays etc are used, even better. :)
  18. fuzz-juzz

    Soaping with Pomace, Woes of a Kiwi

    How about soy if palm isn't an option? I've never used it and I'm not sure if it's good in soap. Are you using butters at all? I had good success with CO and butters when trying to create palm free bars.
  19. fuzz-juzz

    Soaping with Pomace, Woes of a Kiwi

    Any chance you can find rice bran oil? It's quite cheap and easy to find here in Australia. It has similar properties to olive oil. I replaced most of my olive oil in recipes with rice bran. Too much and you'll get squishy disaster like I did last week haha. I used it at 50%. But if you keep...
  20. fuzz-juzz

    CPOP alternative

    How did you go? I'm in Melbourne and I don't usually have troubles with gelling my soaps, even in wintertime. The other day, individual soaps gelled on their own, unwrapped, in a cold hallway. :D You shouldn't really have much trouble. Wood is a very good insulator and those molds should do a...