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  1. Momskaputt

    Weird Translucentish Spots on Edge of Soap

    Thanks for the info. I didn't think of it being glycerin rivers. I guess it didn't seem dramatic enough. The FO does discolor. I've noticed it always gets darker as it cures. I looked, and it is 3.8% vanilla. Oh well, it's interesting. It kind of looks like swirls in the droppy layers.
  2. Momskaputt

    Weird Translucentish Spots on Edge of Soap

    I've made this soap several times and never had these weird semi-translucent spots form like this. They are primarily around the outer edge of the soap and the lower part of the layers. This is my recipe: 14% Avocado Oil (119 g) 24% Coconut Oil (204g) 24% Olive Oil (204g) 10% Sweet Almond Oil...
  3. Momskaputt

    Best mold?

    I mainly use silicone molds and homemade wood loaf molds lined with butcher paper. I'm not a fan of the plastic molds because you can't put them in the oven to force gel phase. I've used the plastic molds to make beeswax bars. If I pour the wax into the mold when its above 140 degrees...
  4. Momskaputt

    Single-use Tiny Lotion Bars

    I stack 2 bars together in larger tins with nothing between them, and they haven't stuck together. It doesn't even seem to mar the design on the top. If it gets warm enough the texture of the bars gets messed up, and I'm sure then they would stick together. Definitely keep them cool.
  5. Momskaputt

    Faces in soap

    Wow! The faces are crazy clear in the 3rd and 4th bars. I wonder if you could ever replicate that. Unfortunately, none of my drop swirls have faces. 😞
  6. Momskaputt

    Question for people with long term soaping or fragrance oil use experience.

    Has anyone noticed if fragrance oil manufacturers typically reformulate oils after new IFRA amendments?
  7. Momskaputt

    Fragrance Oils and IFRA 49 Question

    Most of the fragrances I've chosen to use in my soaps are honey type fragrances. Specifically, I like Brambleberry's Pure Honey and Wildflower Honey. I'm planning to eventually sell soap alongside my honey, beeswax, and lotion bars and would like to set my soap apart by being honeybee...
  8. Momskaputt

    Adding flowers

    I incorporated calendula petals into my soap which includes calendula infused olive oil. I topped the same soap with calendula, blue cornflower, and rose petals. I just sprinkled them on. When I cut the soap, I cut it upside down so the cutting blade doesn't drag lines into the soap. The...
  9. Momskaputt

    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    In regard to #5. I'm blonde, going gray (or really more silver), and I use purple shampoo to combat brassiness. I don't want the silver to turn yucky yellow. I don't think it's recommended to use the purple shampoo every time you wash your hair, because it'll turn it purple. I don't have any...
  10. Momskaputt

    BB's Hickory and Suede Fragrance Oil Alternative?

    I love BB's Hickory and Suede Fragrance Oil, but the max usage rate is now so low that it doesn't work anymore for my soap. Does anyone know of a similar fragrance oil? BB's description: "It has notes of bergamot, leather, lavender, geranium, cypress, and sandalwood. It finishes with notes of...
  11. Momskaputt


    I recently quit teaching high school to begin working with my husband and son on their beekeeping venture. I have been experimenting with making soaps and lotion bars using beeswax and honey (and other beekeeping by-products) for the last couple of years. Soap making (and beekeeping) really...