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  1. Livestomakesoap

    Molasses soap

    I agree that they look deliberate and I thinks they’re beautiful.
  2. Livestomakesoap

    Best countertop surface for soap making

    I use everything stainless steel.
  3. Livestomakesoap

    Hi, Savons!

    Welcome, I’ll let more experienced people answer.
  4. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    Thank you for another choice! I’ll look into that one also.
  5. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    I don’t edit, please excuse my typos and grammar 😊
  6. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    Thank you, I saw that and I gave up my computer and laptop years ago. I really don’t like sitting at a desk like I did for years at work. I’ve been on YouTube today learning about Notion and it is a complicated process but, it seems worth the effort. Lol, I agree my iPad is pretty much for fun...
  7. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    Thank you! I will look into that also.
  8. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    Thank you so much! I will definitely look into it and it seems like just what I’m looking for. I have to say I’ve seen your soap and you have quite an eye for color and design. Thanks
  9. Livestomakesoap

    Help with tracking recipes

    I’m hoping somebody could help me with a simple way of tracking my soaps and the small changes I make to recipes. I’d really like an app I could use on my phone or iPad so I can keep a copy of Soap Calc, a picture of the soap and continuous notes. My handwritten notebook is falling short for...
  10. Livestomakesoap

    Number 3 in soap calc

    Thank you! That article is a game changer for me and I’m only part way through it. I’ll definitely have to read and reread again.
  11. Livestomakesoap

    Number 3 in soap calc

    Thank you so much! That makes sense to me and I will definitely read the article. 😊
  12. Livestomakesoap

    Number 3 in soap calc

    Today I am going to lower my SF to 3 for the first time. One section in soapcalc that I do not understand is 3, the water and lye section. I’ve lowered my water many times but have never used the other two options. Are the just different ways of saying the same things? Could someone please...
  13. Livestomakesoap

    New member

    Hello and welcome.
  14. Livestomakesoap

    Dissolving vitamins for lotions

    I know nothing about the details above but, 2 days ago I made a small batch of facial HP soap. After it cooked I put in a generous amount of superfoods powder and colloidal oatmeal on a whim. Just to see.
  15. Livestomakesoap

    Octopus soap

    That is the cutest soap I’ve seen in a very long time. 😊
  16. Livestomakesoap

    Thank you!

    Having not made soap in 5 years I made my first batch two days ago and it was humbling. I’ve been watching videos and reading for about a year now. My first experiment was to drop my castor from 10 to 5, up my CO from 15 to 20 upped my lard to 50% and lowered my super fat to 5. I’m not saying I...
  17. Livestomakesoap

    Lard too old or not?

    Thanks, I will. I’ve got the time and the curiosity!
  18. Livestomakesoap

    Lard too old or not?

    Do you rebatch to super fat later or use it as is?
  19. Livestomakesoap


    Lol, no need to apologize to me! This site was a little confusing to me when I first joined. There’s so much information here and with a little practice it makes sense. I’m laughing with you and not at you 😊.
  20. Livestomakesoap


    Thank you so much for the information. I’ve been comparing my scales to make sure they are still accurate and they are. I was still wondering how they’d do with tiny amounts and I think I will invest in the scale you mentioned so that I can be sure. Being newly retired I’m turning my kitchen...