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  1. Sonya-m

    First soaps in 18 months

    So I’ve not made soap in 18 months due to needing to focus on my chartered accountancy qualification but I’m done with that now so get my life back I entered the Soap Challenge ran by Amy Walden (and the one on here but sadly didn’t have time for this one as I was at the Radio 1 Big Weekend...
  2. Sonya-m

    Back to soaping at last

    Not sure who’s still about from 2017 but I’m finally back to soaping after finishing my accountancy exams!! What have I missed?? [emoji23]
  3. Sonya-m


    I've not been around much lately. You may recall the heartbreak we went through in May when we had to say goodbye to our beloved shar pei, Buster after a year long battle with chronic kidney disease [emoji22] Initially I was in the never again camp. It was too hard and too painful to ever...
  4. Sonya-m

    Buster - sad news

    I've not been around much over the last few months. A few of you may remember my dog, Buster, getting sick last year. Well his care needs increased a lot over the last couple of months but he was happy, still enjoying walks and playing. Unfortunately we felt this was no longer the case over the...
  5. Sonya-m

    Well done Dibbles!!

    For coming third in this month's Great Cakes Soapworks secret swirl challenge!! In the synthetic category with this gorgeous feather:
  6. Sonya-m

    Discolouring FOs

    How long do your soaps take to discolour when you've used a discolouring FO? The one I've used has between 15-20% vanillin so I'm expecting (hoping) it's going to result in a dark brown colour - is my assumption correct? If so, how long will it take?
  7. Sonya-m

    Haven't been around much...

    So thought I'd pop in and say hi. Last time I was here we were having a bad time with Buster but I'm pleased to say he's still with us! After what we went through last August it's hard to believe he's still here but I'm so grateful that he is. He has bad days every now and then but way more...
  8. Sonya-m

    So who's gonna try this...

    And report back how easy/hard it was? Newbie??
  9. Sonya-m

    Experience of anorexic dog? Anyone?

    My dog has recently been diagnosed with kidney disease so was placed on a prescription renal diet which means it's low protein, high fat as his kidneys can't process protein. He was doing well on it then last Wednesday our neighbours dog bit him. Ever since then he has refused all food. The vet...
  10. Sonya-m

    July Challenge entry thread

    Entries can now be submitted!! Please post ONLY your entries on this thread. Any other comments/compliments or discussion should be left on the original challenge thread.
  11. Sonya-m

    Opinions on this hand cream please

    A friend of mine has a friend that has just started making and selling products including this hand cream. My friend is hosting a party to sell these products. The info claims all products are 100% natural with no harmful chemicals. What are your opinions on these claims and the info &...
  12. Sonya-m

    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    Welcome to July’s Soap Challenge - Please read all the rules before participating This month will be the Clyde Slide named after Clyde from Vibrant Soaps, it is a variation of an ITP swirl but you don't stir in the pot before pouring, you can find my video tutorial here -...
  13. Sonya-m

    Rainbow failed Clyde slide

    Well this was supposed to be a Clyde Slide, it got way too thick but I'm happy with the end result.
  14. Sonya-m

    American soapers help!

    Could someone please let me know what the cheapest method of shipping is from the US to UK? The reason I ask is I've come 3rd in the Great Cakes May challenge and have won a $50 gift certificate but their lowest shipping cost is $68! I also think I'll probably be hit with duty fees when it hits...
  15. Sonya-m

    Teardrop soap

    So a week or so ago I posted pictures of my failed attempts at the teardrop soap. Here's the one I was happy with and the colour palette that inspired it.
  16. Sonya-m

    Oh dear! Not what I was going for

    So I've entered the Great Cakes Challenge this month for the first time in months. The challenge is to create a teardrop suspended in soap like this: Now try not to laugh too hard but this was my first attempt I have no words or clue as to what went wrong?? My 2nd attempt was a little...
  17. Sonya-m

    Game of thrones! Back at last

    Anymore GOT fans out there? Super excited for season 6 even if it appears my favourite character has been bumped off! Started watching it last night but fell asleep as it was late - trying again now.
  18. Sonya-m

    Almond oil question

    Sorry if this is a really dumb question but how do I know if the almond oil I just purchased is sweet almond oil? This is the only type in Soapcalc. I got it from the supermarket just from the oils section. Have I just purchased something I can't use or is no good in soap?
  19. Sonya-m

    Chased away the soap gremlins!

    After what feels like a million soapy fails recently I've finally had a batch do exactly as it was told!! Scented with sherbet lemons (& a little lemongrass EO to try make the lemon stick)
  20. Sonya-m

    So fed up with my soaps...

    Going wrong!! I cannot remember the last time I had a batch do exactly what I had in mind! Planned a travelling faux funnel for today using a lovely fresh FO - rock salt & driftwood. Had my colours ready: pale blue and blue/grey. Reached emulsion with no problems, mixed in my colours and...