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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    Sweet iced tea soap (Hanger swirl with Cold process + Melt and pour)

    I learned a lot with this soap. - I think it's just the ratio of hard + soft oils (50/50) that's resulting in a rather fast tracing, making it incredibly difficult to get the nice watery thin trace that I've been trying to obtain - I need to further grind up my mica as parts of it are far too...
  2. SpaceCorgi94

    How to incorporate mica properly into oil?

    So I've been using cocoa a lot to colour my soaps, but recently I've been jumping on the mica train. It's been a bit of a hassle however, as my mica doesn't seem to want to mix in entirely with the oil. Yes the oil gets a coloured tint, (I'm using sweet almond oil so it's quite a dramatic...
  3. SpaceCorgi94

    If I want vibrant colourful colours in my soap, am I basically destined to only use vanilla-free fragrances?

    I'm happy adding a heap of TD to my batter when I want to get them stark white, however with colours that's just not gonna be possible. Should I just look at vanilla-free FOs in the future when I'm planning on doing bright vibrant colours that don't develop a yucky tint of brown?
  4. SpaceCorgi94

    Marble #3 - Making a note here, huge success. (Still much more to be improved upon however)

    What a past 24 hours. I made my first ever mica-line soap as well as my first multi-layered soap with different textures! (Photo results of the cut at the end) here's the design I started out with. I really wanted a marble texture but I'd take whatever I could get at this point. Here's the...
  5. SpaceCorgi94

    Chocolate fudge Sundae soap (With soft serve piping!)

    So I made this soap today. It's my first ever piped soap. I'm ecstatic with how everything came out. The piping, while lacking in skill, had a beautiful texture, the Chocolate Melange fragrance oil smelled amazing (albeit, it did speed up my tracing, which caused a design hiccup), and I'm so...
  6. SpaceCorgi94

    Does combining lye solution + oils at a higher temperature make for a harder bar of soap?

    I remember the recipe for my very first bar of soap made instructing me to wait until the lye and oils were between 30-40C (86-104F) This bar of soap ended up setting so hard, so quickly, that within just 36 hours it was flaking/crumbling around the edges as I cut it. Since then I've used...
  7. SpaceCorgi94

    Coconut layered/themed hexagonal soap (w/ dynamic top)

    So more of the hexagonals today! And an extremely small batch at that too (3 soaps in total) I think I really like this batch recipe. It sets quite hard quite quickly. Not as hard as the first time I used it, although there was quite a bit more water added to it this time that may have altered...
  8. SpaceCorgi94

    Next Attempt At Marble Soap

    I made the marble soap again, same colours, same recipe, however this time I used a much larger mould and used the flat bottom surface to make the "Face" of the marble texture. Things went a bit better this time! Still not entirely happy. The shapes look more like the album cover to Radiohead's...
  9. SpaceCorgi94

    Failed attempt at marble texture :\

    I was going for a nice marble texture as seen on a few videos on YouTube but evidently, nay. I'm not sure if my pigmenting was too dark, or if the coloured portions were too large in % of the total batch, or if I'd reached too thick of a trace, or if my application of the swirl into the mould...
  10. SpaceCorgi94

    How to prevent soap frosting from breaking away from the soap it's piped on top of?

    I've started looking into soap tutorials and methods for soapmaking where I can add an additional layer of soap onto my loaf that adds height and mass (and design) to the bars so soap past cutting. However I'm able to find very little about how to make sure that the frosting adheres to the soap...
  11. SpaceCorgi94

    Honey Beer Soap!!

    [Final result from this thread here btw] I did it!! I achieved a few more firsts in this soap than I originally planned but I'm so happy with the final result! 😄It's a beer soap w/ Honey fragrance oil. I had a few hiccups along the way, as evidenced by the previous post, but thankfully nothing...
  12. SpaceCorgi94

    Yellow liquid pooling on top of soap? Not sure if sweat/separation, etc

    So I made my 4th batch of soap yesterday with a recipe of Oil % Olive oil 60 Palm oil 20 Coconut oil 20 with a final oil weight of 700g (26.5oz) I also added 20g of Pure Honey Fragrance Oil (something I've used before with success, I only used that amount as it's all I had), and a...
  13. SpaceCorgi94

    Is it worthwhile to reduce beer over the stove to a fraction of its starting volume to enhance the beery qualities of the final soap?

    I'm doing a 5% superfatted soap with some beer in leu of water. My recipe calls for 109g of water to the lye, and I've heard great things from using beer (soap qualities, fragrance, colour, etc) All the recipes I've seen have talked about just boiling the alcohol out which is cool, but I know...
  14. SpaceCorgi94

    Hexagonal mold soaps

    So I de-molded my 3rd batch the other day! Initially I'd planned on the colour gradient going from White > Grey > Black, but, I made a blunder and got some grey in my white and now they're just a range of greys which.... I'm kinda happier with actually?? At first I was a little shocked when I...
  15. SpaceCorgi94

    When dissolving lye into a water/milk mix, can I add the milk after the reaction has taken place with the water?

    Let's say a recipe I'm using calls for 50g lye, and 100g liquid (50/50 milk and water). Because it heats up, I risk scorching the milk. As such, is it worthwhile combining the lye and water, and waiting for it to cool down before adding the milk? Or should I stick with the method of combining...
  16. SpaceCorgi94

    Is there a way of getting this specific design in a loaf of soap?

    So I'm trying to figure out how to get a 2 colour design similar to this: I think my best bet at this point would be to fill the white up to the 2/3rd mark, then do 3 lines of the thick darker batter, before filling up the rest of the mold with the darker batter gently over the top. What I'm...
  17. SpaceCorgi94

    First time using milk + First drop swirl

    2nd attempt at soap making! This is a cocoa + milk drop swirl, with pine fragrance. This time I tried a few different things including: - a drop swirl!! (wooo the thing I got into this hobby for yaay) - cutting down on the number of ingredients - substituting water with milk in my lye solution...
  18. SpaceCorgi94

    First soap bar.

    So I made my first bar of soap a few days ago! I used a milk carton and a makeshift vise to keep the sides from bending outwards, but have a proper setup now for future pours. It's an Olive+Coconut oil/Lard blend, which I added coffee grounds with, split into 3, and added cocoa to 2, before...
  19. SpaceCorgi94

    Any real way of finding/figuring out fragrance oil weight online?

    So I'm new to soapmaking, starting to look into incorporating scents into my soap. Golden rule up to this point of course being, measure by weight, not volume. However, every website seems to exclusively sell their product in mls, not g(rams). Some I've even found have links to recipe...