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  1. TheDebby

    The Guy At The End Of The Bar...

    The Guy at the end of the bar is trying to eat my food.
  2. TheDebby

    The word association game

  3. TheDebby

    Designing a soap for a wedding

    A little update: I am going to post the pictures here because most of the work put in is for the wedding soap "project". All the ingredients have been ordered as soon as I have them I can start! There is a change I will have a job in September so I'll try and finish the soap before the end of...
  4. TheDebby


    I love the way it looks! It reminds me very much of fire, I think it is really cool.
  5. TheDebby

    Chocolate fudge Sundae soap (With soft serve piping!)

    That looks so great! I'm looking forward to see the picture of the cut soap!
  6. TheDebby

    Lemons anyone

    The soap really reminds me of a lemon! Hopefully the soap colour is a bit more like you wanted it to look like. Regardless it looks very nice and fresh!
  7. TheDebby

    Its Summer.. I could not resist.

    That soaps is very pretty and cute! I like it! Those little black seeds make it complete.
  8. TheDebby

    Curing soap and sleeping in the same room

    Thank you so much for the answers! It is only for a couple of times a year, mostly when it is my or my partners birthday. If someone wants or needs to sleep over they can also sleep in the living room. (Worst case scenario I won't let anyone sleep in there I don't plan to stop making soap and I...
  9. TheDebby

    Curing soap and sleeping in the same room

    This is a thing I really haven't thought about before: The soap I make I cure in the spare bedroom. Before I've used this mostly as storage room, but a few times a year someone sleeps there. It will probably take a little while before anyone sleeps over but just in case: Would there be a...
  10. TheDebby

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That might work better! I was thinking of red because the gold I use is kinda yellow. I will probably just mix a tiny amount and see witch one I prefer. I just so happen to have bought a very neon orange. Thank you for the idea!
  11. TheDebby

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I've made a design for a beauty and the beast inspired soap. It is my favourite all time movie. It is based on the yellow dress of belle. At some point I probably would want to make one for her blue dress as well. (got inspired by the theme of the soaps from Royalty Soaps this month) Also I've...
  12. TheDebby

    Grape Legos

    I think that is so cool! I really like how the colours look. The gold swirl on top looks beautiful!
  13. TheDebby

    Designing a soap for a wedding

    Thank you! I'm still very new to soap design so I'm happy I can use it for such an special event! That is pretty cool! Do you have any tips for me? The biggest batch I've made so far was only one loaf of 1500 gram of oils. Now I'll be making 3 loafs at the same time, it will be a little...
  14. TheDebby

    Designing a soap for a wedding

    Time for a update! I've made my last test batch before making the real deal! Also I've ordered a big chunk of the supplies. If there is anyone who want to know about how I plan to attempt to make 90 bars of soap please let me know. But here is the result, I did made a little mistake and...
  15. TheDebby

    Honey Beer Soap!!

    I really like how that soaps looks!
  16. TheDebby


    The colours look beautiful and the design is very cool!
  17. TheDebby

    New colors

    The colours are very beautiful! The soaps look very good.
  18. TheDebby

    Fruit cocktail soap!

    Thank you! I appreciate that!
  19. TheDebby

    Fruit cocktail soap!

    Thank you! Turned out I accidentally post this in the wrong place. I'm sorry! Maybe someone can move it? Ment to post it on the picture forum.
  20. TheDebby

    Fruit cocktail soap!

    Hello everyone! This soap I'm very stoked about sharing with you! The soaping process was a bit though, but I think I managed to make it into a good soap. What happened is that I added the FO oil to the soap just after emulsion, with the lightest trace possible. I thought that if I would mix...