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    How's this shampoo bar recipe?

    Oh there's a zero superfat because I wanted to superfat individually with jojoba oil and nothing else.
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    How's this shampoo bar recipe?

    So the first one is the recipe, the second are the calculations And also I'm planning to add sugar for more bubbliness
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    Ins/ iodine

    So when you plug something into SoapCalc, there are two things at the bottom that indicate the INS value and the iodine value. What are they, exactly? And what happens if they are two high or low?
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    Lotion making

    Just made my first experimental batch today, following a recipe. Does anyone know the exact water:beeswax:borax:oil ratio? Thanks!
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    Stain stick

    Recipes anyone? Would pure coconut oil soap work? Thx
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    shampoo bars?

    What's the difference? Any pointers? Recipes?
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    Oil separating from clear glycerin

    The same happenned to me, only the sesame oil drained to the bottom.
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    Oil separating from clear glycerin

    What if the oils sank to the bottom?
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    Need help naming this soap

    Kind of looks like fish to me Lots o' Fish?
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    African Black Soap

    Anyone ever made it?
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    soapmaking without a stick blender

    What other methods do you recommend? Stirring? Shaking? Blending? And how do you do it?:Kitten Love: And also, how would you recommend doing it without a digital scale? I have a cruddy kitchen scale with hands. wing it? Also, where do you recommend looking for a scale/ blender? Garage sales? Thrift...