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  1. jenneelk

    Getting a nice WHITE in CP

    Also you can stick to as many white clear oils as possible.. like for olive oil use light olive oil which makes a big difference since so many use a good amount of this oil. Butters will yellow tinge more in higher amounts. Coconut oil and Light olive oil make a great white bar with a bit of...
  2. jenneelk

    Cleaning up M & P clear soaps with fingerprints?

    And gloves when handling. :)
  3. jenneelk

    Best Base to Use?

    I used SFIC exclusively for a few years then went to WSP DF bases since I could only get sfic at BB or BApoth and ship was killing me even in Cali. Know wsp now has it but I really like their DF line and have almost all the basic ones like goats, Shea, honey, clear, etc. Just no prescented...
  4. jenneelk

    Annnnd...Today Was The Day

    haha.. I love dude soapers.. they are the best at explaining their soapmaking and always have a fun spin on everything. Hope it turns out a treat!
  5. jenneelk

    Few pics after being gone 3 years or so...

    Thank you all for the kind words. :) Rahmi yes some batches done are quite large if we know many will want them. This one had one of our popular fragrance blends also so that with the colorway we knew many would want.
  6. jenneelk

    Not new per say but returning to forum

    Thank you.. I remember you too!
  7. jenneelk

    Increase of lather in Melt & Pour Base

    What base are you using? And are you adding other items besides cocob? It could be that maybe you have too much going in that cuts the lather to begin with since we are very limited with how much additive can be added. I personally stick to 1TBS oils and all the MP i've used lathers quite...
  8. jenneelk

    Making whipped soap sugar scrub

    to use this with a calculator figure how much you want to make then it's multiplication you would use. For ounces.. say 50 oz. total of final product you want.. you do 50 x .455 = 22.75 whip soap, 50 x .455 = 22.75 sugar, 50 x .057 = 2.85 oil, 50 x .028 = 1.4 fragrance and 50 x .005 = .25 oz...
  9. jenneelk

    Few pics after being gone 3 years or so...

    I took an extended break on here after having a few more kids to add to my collection. Still soaping as much as possible which was daily almost for 5 years until I took a break last year for the first time. Just returning to CP (I like to do MP sometimes also) and hoping to also stick around...
  10. jenneelk


    All are always very light for me.. I can never smell them very well no matter whom I've bought from. But I tried the WSP II version and it has a bit more almond at first but evens out yet keeps a scent better overall I think.
  11. jenneelk

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Wow.. I posted on here like 4-5 years ago and this thing is still going after being gone several years. Very cool. Today I unmolded a 20 layer fall soap only to realize I had 10% SF somehow which I can't say I've ever used. I blame my baby smacking the keyboard or no sleep lately as I have no...
  12. jenneelk

    Soaping101 Clear MP

    I might try it... I’m always looking for something new to try and gave clear a go last year and it wasn’t fun but who knows now.
  13. jenneelk

    Personal Preferences??

    My customers are all about the scent and ingredients so I would rebatch or likely keep for my family cause I hate rebatching. Lol Clean work space.. get all ingredients out and ready to use, move to separate spot as you go. Then you don’t miss anything. :)
  14. jenneelk

    Not new per say but returning to forum

    I’ve been mia a few years from here as work and 6 kids have me busy. Likely no one knows me anymore so hello again. Been soaping regularly for work and family the last 6 years or so... still love it. Hope to have time to stick around again.
  15. jenneelk

    A graphic reminder of the dangers of lye

    Yeah this was me a while back.. lye in the eye is not fun when you don't play by the rules. Don't believe I posted my pictures though. Even worse.. I'm a bad bad listener and had it happen again about 3 weeks ago. :Kitten Love: I can't wear...
  16. jenneelk

    BB la bomb.. Messy fix?

    I have liquid from celestial colors that have nice twist tops and haven't been an issue yet.. I've got like 20 colors from them. And then a few that have cap tops and yeah they are fine also. I don't know why they don't have a stopper in these? Would be so much better. I might just buy some or...
  17. jenneelk

    BB la bomb.. Messy fix?

    Finally decide to give their pricey la bomb colors a try and so far I'm irritated. 3 of them immediately leaked all over starting with the pink as I took the tape slowly off. Has anyone figured out a good way to work with them or good containers to change them into? Does everyone just use a...
  18. jenneelk

    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    Thanks Not Ally - I kinda like them and they have such a nice mix of German/Irish me and Mexican husband. I would have had more if my boys weren't both ADHD and they weren't so expensive, especially with oldest hitting puberty. gah! IL I think maybe I was thinking lass as in boy not girl...
  19. jenneelk

    I did it! I did it! I did it!

    As many say.. gotta see pics or it didn't happen! Congratulations and welcome to the madness to come! :)
  20. jenneelk

    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    Ok I was reading back through here seeing if there were any other cute pics and read this.. all this time I thought you were a male. haha! Now I have to totally rethink every time I see your name.