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  1. K

    Subbing coconut milk powder for goat milk powder

    Tess where do you get your individual salt tubes? And how much is needed for an individual bath? Thanks Krickett
  2. K

    Labeling Question

    Thank You both very much for the replies. I have been dabbling (so to speak) with bath salts for a yr or so now. As of yet I havent sold them mostly just given them to family and close friends. The only ones I have made are just sea salt and epsom salts with some scent, once in a while a color...
  3. K

    Labeling Question

    Ok first I have sort of a comment. I have seen several recpies on this forum for bath salts and none use or have a preservative listed. My question is if I don't use one in my product could I possibly put like a warning or caution notice on the label? Like maybe Caution!! This product has no...
  4. K

    FOs and EOs in powder form

    Thanks. Krickett
  5. K

    FOs and EOs in powder form

    I was wondering if you can get FOs and or EOs in a powder form? And if so any idea where I might find such? Many Thanks in advance for any and all responses to this posting. Krickett
  6. K

    Weekly craft night

    That sounds like an awsome idea Cathy. You could post flyers on bullitin (sp) boards in your neighborhood. Even host it in different interested peoples houses if they are interested. Like a girls night out thing with cookies and coffee or some not so expensive refreshments. And say each person...
  7. K

    Herbal Ink

    I had some Henna art done once at an SCA--Society for Creative Anacronisms where they do reinactments for like the Mideveal (sp) time period. I can't remember the ladys name that did it but if I can find some contact info for her I will post it and you can go ask her about is as she has been...
  8. K

    Drying Salts in a Food Dehydrater?

    I was wondering if putting them on the bottom on the plastic thing for fruit roll ups would work? Or if you could line the shelves with wax paper or even news paper? And if just air drying about how long does it take for the salts to be dry enough to package or store? Many Thanks in advance for...
  9. K

    Drying Salts in a Food Dehydrater?

    Hello All, due to some personal difficulties I have not been here in a while. I have really missed it too, so now I have alot of catching up to do. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to dry bath salts in a food dehydrater and what the results if any were? I mean is it possible to do this...
  10. K

    What Breed of Pet do You have?

    Hello Everyone, all your pets sound wonderful, well cared for, and happy. The pics are adorable. I have 3 pets-2 dogs my Peanut is half malteese and half yorkie and is 6yrs old she had her first pups in Nov. a male and female. Gave the female to the daddy dogs pets and kept the male his name is...
  11. K

    Just Wondering

    I do remember reading here someplace about him stating something and how he bought lye in bulk and was thinking about selling it. Was wondering how that is working for him. Will just have to do some more rea ding and see if I can find that info.
  12. K

    Just Wondering

    Thanks I was just wondering since I haven't seen any postings from him in my reading lately. Krickett
  13. K

    Cocoa butter... solid chunks?

    You could always do like I do go to Wal-Mart and get one of those pay as you go Credit Cards. Just put cash on it when you need to use it and the amount that you need. Cant over draw with it more than a couple of bucks. You have to put $50.00 on it to get it the first time then increments of...
  14. K

    Just Wondering

    Hello All, I have been out of pocket of late due to some financial issues. I have been reading posts here and there and have not seen anything posted from that soaper in Missouri what is his name Soap Maker Man? Has he left the forum or something? I was just wondering. Thanks Krickett
  15. K

    Hello from Iowa! :-)

    Welcome!! I knwo you are going to enjoy it here. The people here are wonderful. They are very willing to help and to answer questions or to guide you ina good direction where the world of soapmaking is involved!! Krickett
  16. K

    coconut milk question

    Many Thx for all the different posts. I have both the coconut oil and the coconut (milk) glob. When my son opened it it had sort of a tuna fishy smell mixed with a faint coconutty smell to it. Krickett
  17. K

    coconut milk question

    Ok now I have a question about coconut milk. My son bought a can of it and was intending on drinking it as he likes the milk/water straight out of a fresh coconut. However when he opened the can it was thick like crisco. The question(s) is that normal and how do I get it liquid again to use in...
  18. K

    Used my new laundry soap this weekend

    So sorry to intrude but I am wondering if you can make home made dishwashing powder with borax and washing soda and it cleans the dishes can you also use the same combination for laundry powder without adding anything else to it for it to clean the clothes? Many Thx for the response and again...
  19. K

    Natural Soap at Walmart

    Thenaturalway was wondering if you have had a chance to try your M&P soap yet? I made some a while ago and gave to my Fiancee's mother and she said it didnt bubble. Someone told me to add some coconut oil to it. I am going to try that tomorrow. On another note I went to Wally-World and got me a...
  20. K

    Laundry soap???

    Ok, I have another question. I was reading someplace--on this site I believe--that you can make dishwashing powder with Borax and Washing Soda, mix equal parts. If this is so can you just use the same combination for laundry soap as well without adding anything extra and it will clean the...