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    Entry Thread - August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap

    Wow everyone! Thanks for the inspiration!! Beautiful soaps!!!😍
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    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    These are beautiful!! Do you mind sharing where you got your molds?
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    Caterpillar soap cutting station

    Yes I love my caterpillar too! I've had mine for almost a year now. The only comment I have to add is that yes, it does have anti-slip pads.
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    Caterpillar soap cutting station

    Mouth wide open...why didn't I think of that??!! THANK YOU!!!
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    Caterpillar soap cutting station

    I bought mine almost a year ago and it *is* impressive still!! I really love it. The *only* bad thing I have to say about it, is that when cutting a slab into bars, it can be hard to get them perfectly equal because you can't set it on *any* increment - it has to be in 1/8th inches, which...
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    Basic Soap

    Me too. I use Bob's Old Red Mill Oat Flour. I prefer the smooth creaminess to the abrasive action of regular oats and the expense of colloidal oats in soap. ;) Huh I hadn't thought of that. I've ground my own in the past, but lately I've just used WSP's colloidal oatmeal. I wonder which would...
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    Basic Soap

    I always do 1 tablespoon per pound of oils. :)
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    Best woods balsam / pine / Christmas tree fragrance

    FWIW, I know it's not exactly the same, but WSP's Apple Balsam Pine is *really* nice, and not *quite* as expensive.
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    Questions about soy wax

    I have been using soy wax 415 for over a year now, instead of palm oil, thanks to KiwiMoose. :) I buy mine from either Nature's Garden or from Amazon. I have never tried a different number, so I wouldn't know about...
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    Just FYI when I use the heat transfer method, I always melt my soy wax first before adding. It's too high of a melt point to melt with everything else - I found out the hard way. So next time you can try melting the beeswax first. I *love* the heat transfer method! Even with having to do the...
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    Using a spray bottle to apply gold mica...

    I have used the gizmo from Nurture and I love it! I think it works really well!
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    Gemstone and terrazzo soap

    So beautiful!!:)
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    Best Watermelon FO for cp soap?

    I'm planning to do my first watermelon soap for my summer line. Can anyone tell me from experience what companies make the best one? I'd rather not have to deal with any vanilla, although I don't mind using vanilla stabilizer if it's worth it for an amazing scent. I'm not sure if I prefer a...
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    Colorants - Santa Red

    I'm wondering if it was the palm oil?? Amanda mentions in that article that palm can interfere with color. Just my .02.
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    Christmas soap

    Wow! Just wow! Amazing!
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    Leaves FO from Studio Fragrance

    Thank AliOop! Good tip. :) I actually tried it and it worked well! It did have a very low usage rate though - 2.1%! So I stayed at that and it worked great. :)
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    Leaves FO from Studio Fragrance

    Hey fellow soapers! Wondering if any of you have used this FO - Leaves - from Studio Fragrance? I have a soaper friend who used their Cranberry Woods FO (also a BBW knockoff) and they said it behaved well. But I haven't found anyone that's used Leaves. It smells great OOB but I want to know how...
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    Birthday Cake FO from Studio Fragrance?

    Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone has done CP soap with the Birthday Cake FO from Studio Fragrance? And also, are there any other FOs you recommend from this store? I'm just discovering them and I'm loving the free shipping over $25! Any other input from this company would also be much...
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    Best Birthday Cake FO?

    Thank you VikingChick & Kiwimoose!
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    Best Birthday Cake FO?

    Oh I like that idea! I've been wanting to try that one anyway! Which supplier to you use?