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    EOs in bombs and salts?

    Use Natrasorb (tapioca starch). It absorbs the EO so they are dry when you add them. When they go in the water the fragrance is released. :)
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    Gift Packaging Soap for Christmas Retail Sales

    Not until you mentioned it! It is a bit spooky isn't it? How weird.
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    Soap Making Resource Acrylic Molds (Australia)

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. For the Aussies in the forum, I am selling three 5lb Acrylic Soap Moulds originally purchased from...
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    Rice Bran oil plus...

    What about this one. It's going to be very creamy for sure with not a lot of bubbles. It may also trace fast with that much cocoa butter so be ready. Don't worry about the numbers on Soapcalc. Just make a small batch and see what it's like. If it's too soft or hard just adjust the oils...
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    Looking for suggestions on bags for customers at fairs

    I use brown paper bags. They tick the environmental box as they're recyclable and they look smart if you buy good quality ones. My small bags for 1-2 bars of soap have no handle like these: but I have bigger ones with a...
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    Gift Packaging Soap for Christmas Retail Sales

    Ha ha! Don't be cheeky (pardon the pun, couldn't resist that one!). I should've known better! Suffice it to say that it's winter here and although it could boost foot traffic to my stall, I shall not be selling ma soaps nekid! :)
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    Mango Butter replacement for Stearic Acid - soap is MUCH harder! ???

    You'd probably need to research the fatty acid profile of stearic acid to find something similar in composition.
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    Mango Butter replacement for Stearic Acid - soap is MUCH harder! ???

    Hi RogueRose That's an interesting recipe. I'm wondering why it needs to be semi-soft. I know that just 1-2% of cocoa butter or beeswax can be used to harden cp soap and mango butter is only a little bit softer than these. I often use up to 5% shea butter to help harden my bars and shea is...
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    Gift Packaging Soap for Christmas Retail Sales

    Hi Consuela Thanks for your comments. I find it really hard to be objective with my own stuff. Do you find the scents mingle, even when they are wrapped in paper? I thought the paper would prevent that.
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    Gift Packaging Soap for Christmas Retail Sales

    Hi all I just started selling my soap at local markets this year, so this will be my first Christmas in business and I need to develop some gift options. (I've been selling my soap mostly naked so far.) I've uploaded some photos of my gift packaging ideas to the album below and I'd welcome...
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    Post you ugly soap pics here - Troubleshooting thread

    Ah, this is just what I needed ... a good laugh! I feel like I make more bad soap than good sometimes. Here's today's disaster - I'm still trying to figure out what happened so if someone can tell me that would be great. I used the same recipe yesterday and it was fine. The temp was 37C/100F...
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    A complex Lemon Verbena that sticks?

    I tried Sweet Cakes L'Occitane Verbena and it smelt gorgeous but I found it faded after a few months or more, which is a shame. I haven't tried their Lemon Verbena. Does anyone know if it fades? I would really like to find a good Lemon Verbena too.
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    You know you're a crazy soap person when...

    When you sit down to your potato & leek soup for dinner and think, "Oh, my soup's reached trace" as you dribble some of the thick soup across the surface. :-)
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    No lard or palm standard recipe?

    Isg's recipe sounds good. You can play around with it a bit if you want to. Say, 20-25% coconut, 2-4% castor, 5-10% shea, remainder olive oil. Or keep it simple - 80% olive, 20% coconut - for a very creamy bar. Add the castor oil if you want it a bit more bubbly. Add some essential oil and...
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    I got 117 USD for one soap!!!

    The soap looks beautiful, I love the pattern. Pity we can't see the gardener as well! ;-)
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    There is a great article on about pricing your soaps.
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    Business Name

    Before you decide on a business name you should research what they call the "triple threat" - trademark, business name, domain name. Your chosen name needs to be available in all of these categories for you to trade under that name. Investigate the trademark first. If there are no conflicting...
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    Womens Soap

    There's no way I'm puttin' soap down there! Water is usually sufficient. Maybe something with an essential oil hydrosol would be more suitable, like a splash that you add to the bath or spray on.
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    First Batch!

    Hi BrightFarms I use an Excel spreadsheet rather than Soapcalc. I use this for calculating my recipe and quantities of additives required, eg essential oils, honey, colour. I also add a short list of soapmaking steps so I don't forget anything (which is prone to happen when I'm in the midst of...
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    My Happy Accident Soap

    Fantastic! So colourful.