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    Shampoo Bars

    I make and sell shampoo bars but don't normally use them myself because I don't care for the way they are on my hair. I do like to use them on occasion because they are so good for stripping my hair of any build up. The Ph of soap is too high and our hair likes a lower Ph. You can try...
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    fruit and vegetable in soap

    When using fruits or veggies in soap, I like to use baby food. It is already pureed and ready to go. I use the really small jars at 1 jar for a 64 oz of oils recipe and add it at trace. I like to make a carrot soap and a banana soap using baby food.
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    Cracking soap

    It might be getting too hot.
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    Oils By Nature.....

    I order from there. Great company, products and CS.
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    Batch Number 6! :)

    Good job. :D I'd recommend investing in some proper soap colorants and ditch the crayons. I know some will use them ( I don't and won't), but you will get better colors and results with colorants made for soap. A good place to buy them is Brambleberry, Select Shades sold at Tradewinds, MMS...
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    best april fools pranks

    I once kept going up to my DH and giving him hugs. I did this all during the day but each time I would hug him, I would slip a few grapes in his back pocket. It took a bit of time, but every time he sat, those grapes got smooshed and eventually made his backside pretty wet. For a time he could...
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    massage oil base?

    FCO, VCO, emu oil, peach kernel oil, cherry kernel oil, avocado oil
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    How's this for a shampoo bar?

    Neem oil is another great addition to a shampoo bar. You can also add some tea tree oil and some peppermint eo to that eucalyptus.
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    Pine Tar question

    It has a listing for it on the soap calc. I've made it once before. The soap came out very dark brown; almost looked like a batch of brownies. It has a very medicinal smell to it too. I think it is one of those scents that you either really like or really dislike. I think I lean towards the...
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    Hemp soap

    I recently made a hemp soap using 90% hemp and 10% babassu oil. It was really soft at first but is finally starting to harden up. It has great lather too. You can also get hemp from Soapers Choice: ... 0&cart_id= MMS...
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    melting containers

    Coffee cans work well.
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    dog soap bar

    Awwww your poor kitters!! Bless her heart.
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    dog soap bar

    Thanks for saying that. I did not think to mention it. And as Tabitha pointed out, most EOs are toxic to cats. Some are toxic to birds as well.
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    dog soap bar

    LOL Neem oil does stink. To me it smells like old musty socks but it is so good for many different skin conditions in dogs and people - psoriasis, acne excema, etc. It is also wonderful for hair/fur and skin. It has great healing properties. I use it in my shampoo bars as well.
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    dog soap bar

    33% coconut oil 27% palm oil 25% olive oil 12% canola oil 3% castor oil At trace I sometimes will add: jojoba oil neem oil Make sure to run your numbers for your batch size through the soap calc. You can use pretty much any soap recipe but it is the blend of eos you use...
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    dog soap bar

    I am not at my shop right now but when I get there, I will look for my dog soap recipe and post it for you.
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    Most expensive bar of soap - what would you add

    Off the top of my head, I would use any of these and have with some: Dead sea mud, manoi oil, emu oil chamomile eo, cranberry seed oil, hemp oil, coffee butter, kokum butter It does not take a lot of silk in soap and an oz of silk lasts forever and it is pretty cheap. So I myself would not...
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    How wrong can they get it?

    In half of my world, I go by Trisha and some will call Patricia, Patty, or Pat yet I do not introduce myself that way and never have. I actually have 2 names I go by - my given (legal) name and my nickname - too long of a story why to tell. Even my husband calls me one name which sometimes...
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    Running out of beginners luck!!!!!

    Yes, you are correct. Your maple sugar has sugar in it which will cause your soap to heat up. To avoid your soap overheating, you can soap with your liquid cool or at room temps. Soap with your oils and butters around 90-100 or at room temperature. You can put mold in front of a fan...
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    Snow...Snow....and more Snow

    I think snow is so pretty. I find it even prettier when it is in someone else's neck of the woods rather than mine. lol It snowed here last weekend. Saturday, it was beautiful. It was in the 60's and the sun was shining. Sunday, it snowed. Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!