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  1. SudsSanity

    Brown sugar in CP question

    Dear efficacious - I so agree! And just FYI - the lost product i was referring to had nothing to do with "selling" - I NEVeR sell anything that is not a tried and true, well tested, used myself, had tested by others...and watched for a long period after the cure... As my standard recipe is...
  2. SudsSanity

    Beginners tips

    One of the hardest things I learned with M&P is: let the soap cool a bit after heating (just a bit) before pouring... Not so important if she's doing just 1color bar, but VERY important when working with multiple layers or embeds... (I think I melted every single embed I worked with... For the...
  3. SudsSanity

    My home made soap mold

    Todd, That mold is professional quality! I just made some molds using blank plastic corrugated sheets from Lowes.. (The material used for the For Rent signs, political signs, etc). I was a bit afraid I would need some support on the sides, or something lining the mold for easy release.... But...
  4. SudsSanity

    Hello From Arizona

    Hi Eleanor - another Az. Gal, here! Welcome to your new addiction! Joy is right,the supply store in chandler is awesome...and they have GREAT prices on most things.
  5. SudsSanity

    Brown sugar in CP question

    Exactly the feedback I was hoping for! Hmlove - good point! I did think about possible "split".. But hadn't even considered bugs... Obsidian - thank you for sharing about the previous attempt.. And the possibility of bacteria.. Definitely out. Susie! -you did exactly what I was hoping to...
  6. SudsSanity

    Where did I go wrong - no lather?

    Here is a link to an oil property reference that I use quite often when formulating recipes. Like another response mentioned, castor oil recommended rate is 5-7%. Using more than 10% can create a "sticky" bar of soap.
  7. SudsSanity

    Brown sugar in CP question

    Before I ask my question, I will provide some background so folks have some idea of what I have already tested, researched, succeeded and failed at.... My first batch of CP using honey (full strength directly in at trace)went thru partial gel, but the power circle did diminish a bit during...
  8. SudsSanity

    Dreaded DOS! Connected to gel?

    Galaxy ~ I soap at room temp (lye solution melts butters). Usually, batches go directly into fridge after pouring. For this batch, I left out and insulated... Perfect gel throughout. Come to think of it, this one bar was closest to another batch I made with vanilla, while it was turning...
  9. SudsSanity

    Dreaded DOS! Connected to gel?

    LOL! Thanks, Galaxy! All of the other bars are good... Just the one.. Just wondering, since the only difference between the gel and non gel batches are: fragrance, temperature, and colors. All of my bars cure in the same area.
  10. SudsSanity

    Dreaded DOS! Connected to gel?

    Sorry about the pic resolution. Yes, SW ~ there are MP roses attached to the bars. The scent is Love Spell. Irish Lass ~ great information, thanks for the name of the book: (I'm checking Amazon for it now). I'm sure it's not leaking FO.. I am actually using the bar now.. I cut it in half...
  11. SudsSanity

    Dreaded DOS! Connected to gel?

    Hello soap addicts! I have been making CP soap for approx 1yr. I have a stable base recipe and modify that based on my goal in the final product. My question is - I created 2 batches, used the same recipe (different FO). I gelled one, and did not gel the other... Now- 6 weeks later, 1 of the...
  12. SudsSanity

    Hello from sunny Az!

    Hello Gang! My name is Michelle, I live in Phoenix where the sun shines pretty much year round... My obsession started about 3yrs ago when I made my first M&P soap. I had an addiction to a "certain" bath product line, and was spending way more than I should have, way more often than I should...