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  1. J


    Does anyone know some good businesses that would make my soap to my recipe? I figure a company can make soap a lot cheaper per bar than I can. Any help would be awesome!
  2. J

    Where to buy Stearic and Kokum Butter

    Thank you. I didn't know about Soaper's Choice and they seem to have a better price on both of those. In addition to those do you or does anyone else know where I can get KOH for the best price?
  3. J

    Where to buy Stearic and Kokum Butter

    Hello everyone! I am working on figuring out a way to price my soap and Stearic and kokum butter are adding quite a bit to my per bar costs. Right now I have Stearic from Brambleberry and Kokum from Chemistry Store. Does anyone know where I can get these or any other soap making oils for the...
  4. J

    Private Label/Contract Manufacturing

    Do you have information you could provide me with? Would you be able to use the formula I have created?
  5. J

    Private Label/Contract Manufacturing

    Hello all, I have tried to search but couldn't see anything related to my quesiton. I am looking for a company that will manufacture soap with my formulation for me and also package it into a tin. If anyone knows where I can look into this that would be fantastic. Thanks!