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    The 4-letter game

    Elves X-ray Paul's Leg IJAC
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    Was going for interior gold accents....

    I think the gold is perfect! I was thinking of trying something like this. Looks gorgeous!
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    Share your favorite bath and body recipes!

    I LOVE mango butter!! It leaves skin feeling almost silky:)
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    Help with Two Wild Hares Frosting recipe

    I purchased the Two Wild Hares Frosting Recipe and I'm struggling. I've contacted them and they gave me some tips, but I still can't pipe it. It's to thick. What I'm doing: waiting for the liquid ingredients to be less than 90 degrees, using 50% proof vodka. Last time added probably about 3...
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    Whipped Soap Help

    True, but I also do liquid soap and I was thinking it was more like that. Ready when I was done with the paste.
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    My Melt & Pour Creations!

    Wow, those are all gorgeous!!
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    Whipped Soap Help

    So true! I'm impatient, lol A couple of recipes I saw also stated you have to wait 2 months to work with it. That's what has really turned me off. While has 2 months to figure out whether your recipe works?!?! Are you waiting that much time between too?
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    Hello from IN

    Hi Patrice! I love making cold process soap. I started with melt and pour too and have been making cold process for over a year now. I love it!
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    Whipped Soap Help

    Yes, I believe it is the foaming bath whip. I've seen the stuff to purchase, but would rather make my own. I will try and search for that. Thank you! I believe it is the foaming bath scrub that lenarene mentioned. I did think about using a cream based soap, but I don't know enough about the...
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    Whipped Soap Help

    Hi Everyone , I'm trying to find a recipe for whipped soap. I've combed through the forum and can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe one of you has a recipe? I want the consistency of whipped frosting that DOESN'T get hard and still holds it's shape. My goal is to add sugar/salt and make a soap...
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    Post your happy

    I'm happy it's raining and soccer games are cancelled. As much as we love soccer, it sure is nice to have a weekend off! And now I have time to make more soap! :)
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    There MUST be a better way to clean up after CP making ??

    I am so glad you asked this! I've been making CP for awhile and wondered how everyone else cleaned up. It takes so long if you don't wait 24 hours, which I just figured out, lol.
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    New to forum from Colorado

    Hi everyone! I've been making bath bombs, bubble bars and making melt and pour soaps for about a year. I like melt and pour because I do fun shapes like chicken nuggets, avocados and donuts. A couple of months ago I did my first hot process soap and about a month and a half ago I made my first...