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    Candle making

    I haven't started making my own candles yet, but i'd really love to start. I have so many candles throughout my home and I'd love to be able to start making them myself and maybe selling them at some point.
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    What are you working on right now?

    I bought a bunch of dollar store picture frames and i'm painting the frames and adding little extras like sequins, jewels, wood cutouts etc.
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    New years resolutions

    I've already totallly slacked on my resolutions. I was going to start eating healthier and exercising 3 times a week at the gym as well as go on morning walks with the dog. I did great for a week or two though. :(
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    Where is everyone from?

    aurora colorado
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    I can't get through the day without my morning cup of coffee. I'm totally addicted to starbucks.
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    Hotel soap mix up

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    Help promote the Soap Making Forum - help us grow!!

    If i had a website or a myspace i'd post one for sure. I'd love to see this site grow.
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    EO chart??

    I'm bookmarking this one for sure!
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    I'm sick of being sick!!

    I just got over the flu. Yucky.
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    What are your guilty pleasures?

    Buying soap making supplies with my husbands hard earned money :)
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    What got you into soap making?

    We just moved to a new city and my husband travels a lot. Until i meet more people in the area i felt like i needed something besides housework too occupy my time. I went to the library and started researching a bunch of things like pottery, candlemaking, etc. I finally decided to start with...
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    You might be a soap addict if...

    I've only been making soap a couple months now, and already most of those are true!!
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    EO and FO questions

    Can i combine fragrance oils and essential oils in a recipe? I've only made really basic recipes so far with only 1 EO or FO added but I'd like to get creative.
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    Dog shampoo?

    Great idea! I didn't even think about making shampoo for my dogs! If any one has a good recipe post it here.
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    Where are you from?

    Aurora CO
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    Hi - i'm new as well. I've been checking the forum out for a couple weeks, but just finally decided to sign up and join the discussions. I'm too to soap making as well. I've been doing it about 2 months now.