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  1. Navaria

    Candles are Warping in containers

    I am not very experienced with candles, but if I remember correctly, tapers/pillars and jar candles are made with a different wax. Seeing this, I'm guessing tapers/pillars have a wax that cools faster with air exposure so the outside cools and shrinks way too fast causing it to draw in
  2. Navaria

    Browsing soap pics

    This is beautiful, but how on earth does one use a soap with so much stuff on top??
  3. Navaria

    Lye quality

    If you look at the 1 star reviews for this company, the top rated one is mine. Opened it up and the lid was smashed and lye beads got everywhere. I. Was. Furious! I did not order from them again to say the least. Sounds like they have packaging and quality issues.
  4. Navaria

    Happy accident soap

    My planned soaps don't turn out looking that nice! Beautiful!
  5. Navaria

    Soap failure

    Is this a new recipe for you? If so, I don't know that I would rebatch it. You might just keep it as it is, and try it out from time to time to see how it ages. As far as rebatching to add fragrance, I'm not sciencey enough to know if the chemicals you have to be careful of remain in the soap...
  6. Navaria

    Soap failure

    I'm thinking maybe you had false trace to begin with, and then over compensated by over mixing the second time. What type of FO did you use (brand and name) because that could have something to do with it. Some act pretty funny when you cp them. Also, yellow and blue make green, so if your oils...
  7. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    That would be it. I did indeed use the Himalayan salt. I really love how it feels though. Not too harsh at all for me. Just the soap leaves me very dry and tight.
  8. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    Sounds like I'm going to have to give this a try!
  9. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    Does 100% OO salt bar take as long to cure as a regular OO bar?
  10. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    Really? Mine are slightly scrubby. I don't remember what size I used, but I'm pretty sure it was fine. It has never been smooth to the touch. It almost feels like a fine pumice stone. Edited to add I just checked. it's extra fine salt
  11. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    No offense taken at all. You're right, I can handle CO at lower levels. However I've posted before that I wear gloves every time I have to measure it out because I can't stand to get it on my skin straight up. Even today my hands feel very dry and my turgor is terrible! I was hoping the very...
  12. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    I never thought about using coffee grounds. Duh! I use them in my Kitchen Sink Soap I guess because I use them for the deodorant properties more than the exfoliant it didn't occur to me lol
  13. Navaria

    Vegan / Vegetarian Choices

    This was my whole point. You don't know. But you know most all the methods used involve killing the silk worm in some way.
  14. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    That's what I was afraid of :( To get the scrubby and still have it be good soap I have to use the coconut oil. The brine bars look interesting, and I think I'll give them a go, but they won't have the exfoliation I like. Maybe another mild exfoliant instead? Can you use sugar in a soap bar for...
  15. Navaria

    Salt Bar Blues

    I want to like salt bars. I REALLY want to like them. I love the idea of them. I love the slight scrubby feel of them. However, my skin does NOT love the high coconut oil content, even with a high SF. I tried a bar again last night after a 6+ month cure. Made my skin feel almost rubbery for some...
  16. Navaria

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Stiff Cream Uhhhh...moving on!
  17. Navaria

    Vegan / Vegetarian Choices

    Joy, I noticed something when this first started on the other thread. There was a post about using silk and it not dissolving properly. You made the comment about "when you use silk". You know the silk worms are boiled alive to get that silk right? I use silk as well. Nothing wrong with it. But...
  18. Navaria

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I spent the day reading the forum and lamenting because, although I have my soap room organized, I still don't have time to actually make soap :( Does that count??
  19. Navaria

    My First Recipe

    Welcome to the board! Wow, you sure picked a couple hot button issues for your first post lol. Before you set your heart on a shampoo bar, please do a LOT of research on them. I personally will not use one because I have enough trouble with my hair due to genetics, I don't need the additional...
  20. Navaria

    Liquid Soap + Saltwater

    Could you dilute it less to begin with and not have to thicken it at all?