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  1. LadyM

    Difference in scent between Clary Sages

    Ah good point! Thank you reeeen4! :)
  2. LadyM

    Difference in scent between Clary Sages

    Thanks lsg. I've researched 15 suppliers for information/reviews including the page you shared. I was hoping for some direct experiences here but maybe no one has any! Thanks again for responding. :)
  3. LadyM

    Your thoughts on Tussah Silk?

    Perfect! You could totally test after cutting. The only thing it adds for me is a gorgeous slippery feel, which is awesome! What else did you put in your soap?
  4. LadyM

    Your thoughts on Tussah Silk?

    I LOVE tussah silk in my soap. I use it in one special bar. I use a cotton ball sized ball and cut it up finely with scissors then stir and stir into the lye. It's a hassle but it has a great effect. I'm going to try the long soak to see if that makes it easier to dissolve. Thanks for the...
  5. LadyM

    Difference in scent between Clary Sages

    Hi all! Clary Sage was outrageously expensive for a long while but seems to be coming back at lower prices than they had been at. I've always used French but that seems to be the MOST expensive. I'm considering Russian or Austrian. Have any of you tried Clary Sage from these areas? Thanks...
  6. LadyM

    Orange 10X EO

    I can't tell you exactly when fading occurs but I have long lasting scent with Sweet Orange from Liberty Natural - 10 fold oil. Using anything other than 10 fold fades quickly!
  7. LadyM

    Essential oils that stick

    I have great success with: Clove, Cedar, Sweet Orange 10 fold, Lavender, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Litsea, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, & Rosemary. :)
  8. LadyM

    Wooden Mixing Spoon

    I use a stainless steel spoon to mix my lye solution and a silicone spatula for scraping pot sides BUT - I've been using the same heavy duty wooden spoons to stir my soap (when mixing lye and oils together for stirring) for over 8 years and they show absolutely zero sign of decay, splintering or...
  9. LadyM

    Crackle explained!!!

    As a side note, I've had the dreaded crackle but I don't use Palm or TD! It's happened in my bars with ultramarines and in some other bars here and there from time to time.
  10. LadyM

    Crackle explained!!!

    Many of us have asked about the dreaded crackle look - at long last I came across this article with an explanation! Mystery solved!!
  11. LadyM

    What's your next soap experiment?

    My next experiment is carrot soap!
  12. LadyM

    Rose scent

    You can also check out essential oils that are rose like for example rose geranium is pretty.
  13. LadyM

    Madder root or Rose Clay for Red Color

    In that tutorial the 35% is an infused oil vs. putting the ground root directly in as I was referring to. The infusions seem lovely but you don't get a red red. I did it by putting the root in at trace at an amount that would make red vs. pink and I think at an amount that gives a real red...
  14. LadyM

    Madder root or Rose Clay for Red Color

    I use madder root at trace for a red, it's gorgeous but it's not a bright red and unfortunately it leaves color on the sink and wash rag. You may be better off with a synthetic if you aren't wanting 100% natural.
  15. LadyM

    Pine tar soap failure!!!

    Yes! The scent is super intense and more like tar/smoke than pine. I personally like it but I don't know if it's a crowd pleaser! It will also depend how much you use. 20% tar is supposed to be the best amount for making a difference for people with skin issues. I make it for myself at...
  16. LadyM

    New Member - Essential Oil Sources?

    Hi Aden, Congrats on all that you're doing! I second Liberty Natural as having many affordable great essential oils. I'm not sure you'll be able to use only 1/2 oz per 3lb batch that's so little! Also heads up on Bergamot. I use the LOVELY bergaptene free from Liberty Naturals in a...
  17. LadyM

    Pine tar soap failure!!!

    Well it's said to be fantastic for eczema and psoriasis though I don't have those so I wouldn't know. I do know that it's so soft and smooth feeling, smells wonderful (probably not to everyone) and makes my skin feel nourished. Not drying in the least. I'm going to give it out to a few...
  18. LadyM

    Pine tar soap failure!!!

    Yes, you do alter your oil amount to make room for your percentage of pine tar. At least that's what I do, and enter Pine Tar on Soap Calc. It's not considered an oil but will factor in in terms of amount you use! I haven't had any problems making Pine Tar soap with just a regular blanket...
  19. LadyM

    First Salt Soap - Not loving!

    cmzaha - I still don't like mine at all partially due to the fact that they have no density and feel so light in my hand. Are yours that way? Feels almost like I'm holding a lava rock that is so light weight!!! I really want to love them too!!