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  1. Trinbago27

    First Market

    Great job! :nodding: Very efficient use of your table space too! I need to study your layout…I do a market and I think 8 spread out too much.
  2. Trinbago27

    Donating Soap

    I have a bag of soaps I also intended to donate, but started to get in my own head about having to list ingredients… it would be a lot of work to do so if I had to do that. Is that required for donations?
  3. Trinbago27

    Calling all lardinators! Why do you love lard-based soaps? 🐖

    Hi All, I like using lard as well, but find that my soaps develop a white coating... Doesn't seem to be soda ash, and It is almost moist feeling. I have not gone over 50% lard in any recipe to date, and my norm is around 40%. Have you experienced this?
  4. Trinbago27

    Oatmeal in lotion or not?

    Thank you so much! I was so scared that it would create a "bacteria buffet"
  5. Trinbago27

    Alcohol spray after unmolding?

    Thanks All! I have not had particular success spraying with alcohol after molding, so always looking for ideas... I think its my environment. I live In Maryland (DC area) and it tends to be humid, especially upstairs of my house where I soap.
  6. Trinbago27

    Alcohol spray after unmolding?

    Hi All, I recently heard a soaper say that she sprays her CP soap with alcohol after unmolding...Have you heard of that before? Does that work? I know I can try it, but as usual, I know I can get info from my soap family. Thank you!
  7. Trinbago27

    Oatmeal in lotion or not?

    Hi All, I am trying to finalize if its OK to add a bit of colloidal oatmeal to lotion or not. I see the opinions go back and forth (even outside of this forum). I understand the preservation issue, but then I see discussions about what kind of oatmeal to add... Is OK to add it in a well...
  8. Trinbago27

    Volume of mold

    You guys are truly amazing…👏🏾
  9. Trinbago27

    Trying spider silk

    Ummm…just no.
  10. Trinbago27

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Sounds yummy! Can you share the recipe?
  11. Trinbago27

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Not exactly today… but within a few days 😊 Aren’t cats the best? I have a dog too, but there’s a special something about cats… I just tried orange patchouli in my turmeric honey soap and really like it! I started with NG orange patchouli, but it seemed pretty mild so I added BS orange blossom...
  12. Trinbago27

    Fall soaps

    Thank you so much! On top it is sea salt with glitter. I hope others respond because I like how this soap looks and would hate for it to be no good as a soap… that’s the whole point isn’t it, to make usable soap? 🤦🏾‍♀️
  13. Trinbago27

    Fall soaps

    I wanted to share my latest soaps with you guys… Btw…question… I accidentally poured in a lot more castor oil than in my recipe. So far it’s not sticky, but would there be any other issues that may come up? I hope the soap is not ruined… it’s the Halloween colored one in the picture.
  14. Trinbago27

    Cannabis / Marijuana fragrance oils?

    This oil is ABSOLUTELY a dead ringer for cannabis…so much so that I made a hemp soap and while curing my soap room smelled like I was lighting up!😂 “Mary Jane” from New York scent.
  15. Trinbago27

    Opaque layer on my liquid soap

    This is it…What happened to my liquid soap!
  16. Trinbago27

    Opaque layer on my liquid soap

    I had a thread and I was trying to link it, but don’t know how to do it…🤦🏾‍♀️
  17. Trinbago27

    Opaque layer on my liquid soap

    I don’t think mine is foam… I think it is unsaponified oils. My super fat was kind of high and I did not account for the CA.
  18. Trinbago27

    Opaque layer on my liquid soap

    Same thing happened to me…can I just scape off the top and use the liquid below?
  19. Trinbago27

    Favorite WSP fragrances?

    I love so many…have good success with cannabis santal though for a more “masculine “ scent…I mix it with patchouli for my earthy soaps.