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  1. susiefreckleface

    SMF March 2017 Challenge- Black Background Soaps

    Hello ladies and gents, I am sooo sllooooowwww. I must apologize that I've been off-line so very long, AND I still need to make my soap. Just a little bit of various things going on at the home front health wise with me and the DH. I plan on soaping this weekend. I love those entries -...
  2. susiefreckleface

    Freezer Paper-where do you buy it?

    Hi Susie, glad your DH found it. I would have said any Winco should have it. I would bet Ace Hardware too. Plus a real quilting fabric store - not a big box JoAnn's or Michaels, but a mom n pop quilting fabric store, or they could at least tell you which stores in the area have it...
  3. susiefreckleface

    I made this soap stamp

    wow - very impressive. thanks for sharing. I really like your design. totally going to check our local library for a 3D printer.
  4. susiefreckleface

    SMF March 2017 Challenge- Black Background Soaps

    1.) earlene - Fun, and thank you for posting the challenge early! 2.) dibbles - Had to miss last month and happy to be Back in Black 3.) toxikon - Officially hooked on challenges, bring it on! 4.) Mx6inpenn 5.) BattleGnome - almost perfect for the scent combo I was thinking about using 6.)...
  5. susiefreckleface

    Soap and the orthopedist

    mom/castoff - lovely! She can wean them off of the soap gently with mini bars and... business cards. dad/buzzzzzzz-yeeeiiiiikes! wow. no other words, just wow. i mean - wow.
  6. susiefreckleface

    Discouraging comments from others on your CP soaps?

    Hi Makayla, Very sorry that you feel discouraged by family members' comments. I go along with several of the helpful comments here: give making liquid soap a try, use FO, change the lard ratio, etc. In the end we are creatures of habit and set in our ways. I think it could even relate to the...
  7. susiefreckleface

    Should uninsured hobbyist donate?

    be particular with whom you gift to as there is an old adage for a reason... no good deed goes unpunished Please excuse my slightly pessimistic take away from the lovely sentiment of charitable gifting.
  8. susiefreckleface

    Happy New Year! What are your traditions?

    yep - black eyed peas for sure. Corn bread and cabbage were huge in the house growing up. Yep - Daddy was a Texan! I haven't been able to recover grandma's cornbread recipe - dang it. She used the lodge cast iron corn bread pans to bake it in. A tradition I started w/DH has been to always...
  9. susiefreckleface

    Why is price so important?

    Craig you're just awesome. Toxicon and Steve make valid points. I have made a couple of concessions once in a while. I too have worked very diligently over the years at my main talent as a seamstress. I built quite a reputation and followed proper pricing structure. It is very difficult to...
  10. susiefreckleface

    silkworm cleanser finger thingies

    ditto - very curious as well.
  11. susiefreckleface

    Hilarious!!! NaOH, I didn't...ruin my LS???

    here's a good laugh... (first - my back story to my story... as of now, I've been soaping for one year. Oh sure, read, watched, stalked for quite a while before - didn't matter much when it came to my foofah I tell you about below) keep reading for what happened one year ago... My second...
  12. susiefreckleface

    Any feedback about this CO?

    Here, the local Winco has the Better Body CO at $9.98(usually $11 something) 56 oz /1.75qt /1.6L The Big Lots Butcher Boy CO 60 oz container $7.50 They are the exact same container. The fill line on the Butcher Boy is nearly to the top and the Better Body is just below the neck of the jar...
  13. susiefreckleface

    silkworm cleanser finger thingies

    yes, but did you see this next item posted at the bottom of the page... totally from the whatthewhat?! LOL
  14. susiefreckleface

    Lotion bar packaging

    They do work pretty well, very handy. I do have one container that recently the bottom cracked. The soft salve/ balm is calendula/rice-bran, Texas cedar-wood, rosehip, shea and beeswax that I made in early March 2016. This container is kept in the medicine cabinet. Two other containers each at...
  15. susiefreckleface

    Impulse sealer stopped working

    half jokingly... will the cheapest Wilton "wire" cake slicer and the burner on the stove work in a pinch - on a silicone mat placed on top of an upside down cookie sheet?
  16. susiefreckleface

    Happy Holidays and all the best in 2017

    Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year everyone! .... and to my fellow Orthodox Christians - two weeks to go!!! soon...... S Rozhdestvom Christovim (DH helped me spell it) eeee 2 weeks to go!!
  17. susiefreckleface

    Thickening of Cold Process Liquid Glycerin Soap

    Hi Ngian, Your timing is perfect as I plan on making a batch of that soap recipe this weekend for a standard dispenser. DH loves regular liquid soap. He was not a fan of my thin foamer liquid soap earlier this year - but it felt soooo good with a nice creamy lather. Thank you for the...
  18. susiefreckleface

    Animal Testing

    I've become a tad-bit cynical when it comes to FDA. We do have flexibility right now. However, it seems like the FDA over-steps and under-steps with the constant being linked to lobbyists and huge corporations that provide comforts for our elected officials. I think in truth... we only see the...
  19. susiefreckleface

    Animal Testing

    Yep - everything Susie mentioned. It is MORE pushed out here on the So Cal West coast due to Hollywood. The entertainment industry is a very powerful pusher of their agendas. California legislation gets pretty jacked up (cockhold) on some issues.
  20. susiefreckleface

    Brambleberry free shipping!

    wonderful - saved $9.00 Thank you for posting this.