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  1. MaryJeanUK

    Does A Cold Workshop Make A Difference?

    Hi, I need help... I've been making soap for about 5 years now and since I've moved everything into the new workshop (which has no heating) I've been having problems, although I've thought it due to production methods...previously I've been making the soap in my kitchen (where the heating has...
  2. MaryJeanUK

    CP Soap help needed

    RE Wire Cutters and Mixers We have been using the same formulas for our soap since May 2008 and these spots have only started appearing in the last 18's a little strange as we can't work out why these spots are appearing. We use wire cutters but have been since June 2009 with not...
  3. MaryJeanUK

    CP Soap help needed

    We are using a paddle which is fixed onto a bench drill. The speed is quite fast, so far it has worked well with our soap. Our lavender,babysoap and our kitchen soap are turning out fine using coconut oil and the bench drill, which is why this has got us stumped
  4. MaryJeanUK

    CP Soap help needed

    We don't use any colours in our soaps, and we tried it with palm oil which was the original formula which did not work so we made another batch up using coconut oil but it has turned out to be the same. We mixed the soap for about 2 hour and it was quite thick, had a good trace just can't...
  5. MaryJeanUK

    CP Soap help needed

    Here is three pics of the latest attempt... The last attempt I used Palm Kernel, this time I used Coconut and there is no change in appearance. I was wondering if the length of time the mould is covered makes a difference, and how it's covered too? As for the recipe, the oils/percentage is as...
  6. MaryJeanUK

    CP Soap help needed

    Hi, I've been making my soap for over 5 years now, and just in the last year I've been getting little white lumps throught the soap after it's out of the mould. These lumps don't go away in the curing process, I've triple checked the sap values and I've racked my brains trying to figure out...
  7. MaryJeanUK

    Glycerine Soap Troubles

    Hi, I tried my first batch of glycerine soap a few months ago, sorry I haven't got pics of it as it wasn't a very nice turn out. :???: Does anyone know of a good recipe I can try to get my feet wet so to speak? I think one of the problems I have is the book I have been using has an American...
  8. MaryJeanUK

    Jo Malone products - natural?

    When listing the ingredients on the label, by law the essential oils are listed as 'parfum', I add on my label the INCI name of the essential oil too, perhaps this is what they do to?
  9. MaryJeanUK

    Goats milk soaps

    Hi, We make soap with Goat's Milk, our first one is unscented with Mango & Cocoa butters which is great for those with ezcema. The formula I use is 2/3rd milk to 1/3rd water which is frozen, and we make about 6 batches of 32 bars a year. Our new formula which we are waiting for the paperwork...
  10. MaryJeanUK

    what do you use to package your soaps?

    Soap Wrapping What I do with my big bars is to first wrap wax paper around the bar, then brown kraft paper which I use PVC glue to fasten down. I then do a wrap around bamboo paper (which I use a laser printer on). My little sample bars are simpler, they're wrapped with wax paper then the...