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  1. heatherglen

    What is happening to my soap?

    I have the same thing happen, especially with high olive oil soaps. Not sure what causes it, though. Doesn't seem to happen with my shea butter soap.
  2. heatherglen

    Equipment Question(s)

    I forgot to say what I use for my curing rack! I found a plastic shelf unit like for a garage at Lowe's (they get a lot of business from me, I guess!). It's the four shelf unit with holes. The holes are kind of big, so I usually tear up paper sacks and set the soap on the paper. It's worked...
  3. heatherglen

    What do you use to cut your CP soaps?

    I use a miter box and soap cutter, and yet can still not cut straight to save my life!! I'm trying to get hubby to build me a soap cutter with the wires and all.
  4. heatherglen

    What's your next soap experiment?

    My next will be coconut milk for the first time. I'm also planning some Honey Mead wine and Elder Flower wine from our local winery.
  5. heatherglen

    Equipment Question(s)

    I bought a small (3 gallon, I think) plastic paint bucket at Lowe's and that's what I use to mix everything. I just emptied my plastic pail from my coconut oil, so I will probably use that, too. I mix the lye in a plastic pitcher. I also use various sizes of plastic containers (cottage cheese...
  6. heatherglen

    The word association game

  7. heatherglen

    how many of you have day jobs also?

    I'm a SAHM of 2 girls, my baby starting Kindergarten next year :(. Started as a hobby, but an expensive one that needed funding, and has turned into a business venture. I've been doing some soul searching lately, thinking I need to tone back some. Less business, more fun. But, it still needs to...
  8. heatherglen

    The problem with becoming a soap addict.

    Oh yay, I'm not alone! The information age is a wonderful thing, but with all these ideas and diys, it's hard not to get caught up in it all. My problem is staying focused on the task at hand, and not getting distracted my all the other 5 billion things I could be making!
  9. heatherglen

    What's your Pinterest handle?

    I think I have almost everyone followed.
  10. heatherglen

    What's your Pinterest handle?

    On the pc, the upper left side has a search bar. Enter the handle, and then switch the search to pinners. There is also a notification area on the main page on the left. When someone follows you, you can access their page from that notification. Hope that helps!
  11. heatherglen

    What's your Pinterest handle?

    You're Badgerx153, I"m following you. Not literally, on Pinterest! lol Love the Ravens board!!
  12. heatherglen

    What's your Pinterest handle?

    When I put that in a bunch of people come up, I can't find you!! lol What does your profile pic look like?
  13. heatherglen

    Mountain Lake

    Awesome stripes!
  14. heatherglen

    What's your Pinterest handle?

    That would be great! I'm glittergirlsmom.
  15. heatherglen

    The word association game

  16. heatherglen

    Irish Coffee cp

    Thanks everyone! :grin:
  17. heatherglen

    Irish Coffee cp

    No, it doesn't. It has a sweet, creamy scent, with just a slight hint of alcohol (whisky?). I tried some coffee fo with it, but it faded. I think I might actually like it better without it! :)
  18. heatherglen

    Irish Coffee cp

    It has a very light smell, almost identical to Irish Cream. I don't usually like that scent in soap, but it's so light even I don't mind it. The coffee leaves no scent after curing, and the Coffee and Cream fo I used faded completely. The scent is really sweet, with no coffee. What surprised me...
  19. heatherglen

    Irish Coffee cp

    This is my first coffee soap, and I'm in love!! I used brewed coffee, grounds, and also my first time using sweet almond oil. Turned out wonderful, so definitely a keeper! I used an Irish Cream fo and Coffee and Cream fo, only smell the Irish Cream, so I will probably just leave the coffee...
  20. heatherglen

    Is Facebook worth it??

    Thanks! Posting more is probably a good idea. I also suggested interest lists, you can add whatever pages you want, and keep it organized. I have several, including a "support handmade" list where I put other soapers/handcrafters so I can support everyone I can.