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  1. SoapPapaw

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the group.
  2. SoapPapaw

    Help my wife.

    :thumbup: There's your sign.
  3. SoapPapaw

    Help my wife.

    My wife thanks everyone for thier votes. I will "bump" the thread each day.
  4. SoapPapaw

    Leather FO

    I bought 16 oz of BCN's Leather, when it arrived it said "candle use only."
  5. SoapPapaw

    Thicker pour

    Looks good.
  6. SoapPapaw

    Help my wife.

    I entered my wife to win a booth at An Affair of the Heart in July. She is a finalists and she needs votes to win. You can vote once a day now through Friday. Her shop is Crafted From The Heart. Here is the link...
  7. SoapPapaw

    Um, unexpected effect

    I got some 1 oz samples FOs from NG and found about 1 oz ig good for 20-26 oz of oil.
  8. SoapPapaw

    White hair like things on soap...

    When I was a kid in Southern California there was a kids soap called, "Fuzzy Wuzzy" it was shaped like a bear. After you used it you set it aside on the edge of the tub and the bear would grow fur as it dried. It would do this after each bath. Also it was hollow and had a toy inside the middle.
  9. SoapPapaw

    The word association game

  10. SoapPapaw

    Going out of business sale. is calling it quits. Selling off all EOs. I don't know anything else about, except I was on thier mail list.
  11. SoapPapaw

    The word association game

  12. SoapPapaw

    Salt water

    Can you make soap if you replace the water with salt water?
  13. SoapPapaw

    The word association game

  14. SoapPapaw

    The word association game

  15. SoapPapaw

    I can buy locally at $27.00 and WSP is $27.35 free ship. Jewards was $20 plus $15 shipping.
  16. SoapPapaw

    Just Some Pics!

    Very pretty.
  17. SoapPapaw

    Look what I got to hack into this sunny afternoon :)

    Very glad you got the cutter you wanted. Why not a picture of it?
  18. SoapPapaw

    Our first craft show within two weeks

    Check out this site. They have the ex-up with a awning and 4 zipper sidewalls. We bought a canopy from target it was made by Coleman. But after 5 shows we invested in the Ez-up. We log all sales into square. Even the cash sales. That way taxes, sales...
  19. SoapPapaw

    The word association game