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  1. dragonmaker

    Honey Almond Oatmeal

    I love those molds! Where did you find them?
  2. dragonmaker

    Let's Talk 'Fatty Acids'

    Excellent experiment idea and method! I just found this thread, and I'm so glad you shared!
  3. dragonmaker

    Patch blend & oatmeal

    Beautiful soaps! I got a little clumping when I tried just dumping Aveeno brand colloidal oats, so now I use a fine mesh strainer to sift my colloidal oats into my melted oils while stirring. No more clumps.
  4. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    @Zany_in_CO Was your transparent soap gentle on skin? Mine seems more drying the longer I use it, although that could be from the cooler weather. Do you mind sharing your recipe? My recipe is: OILS/Fatty Acids 60% stearic acid (360g) 20% castor oil (120g) (yes, 20% is high for normal soap, but...
  5. dragonmaker

    My new favorite way to rebatch scraps

    Another point: all my scraps were from fragranced soaps. I was pleasantly surprised at how well all those fragrances combined in the final rebatch. I was a little worried about one of them, but it became a nice background.
  6. dragonmaker

    My new favorite way to rebatch scraps

    @Zany_in_CO I didn’t want the ethanol evaporating away in the microwave, so it wouldn’t be a fire hazard, so I kept it tightly covered while in the microwave. I left them on drying racks for months to allow for thorough evaporation afterwards. I assumed it would look funny after evaporation. I...
  7. dragonmaker

    My new favorite way to rebatch scraps

    @lsg True, but in this particular case I wanted most of the solvents to evaporate away in the end instead of sticking around like propylene glycol does @Carly B You don't NEED a solvent. It's mostly a silly experiment, purely because I felt like it. However, I've always heard that rebatching...
  8. dragonmaker

    My new favorite way to rebatch scraps

    Lather update: this might be my very favorite bar! Or at least tied with my favorite bar of soap! I’m in shock! I did not think it would lather so well, but it’s quite lovely. I worried that too many solvents would stick around and suppress lather like in my kids’ melt and pour soaps, but it’s...
  9. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    Ginger root! 😂 I can actually see that a bit. I tried using a rectangle no-embed bar from the same batch. It’s not bad! It’s not the best soap I’ve ever used, but it’s definitely not the worse either. It has some bubbles, gets my hands clean, and isn’t super drying. The lather is pretty thin...
  10. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    It’s amazing what no context, a little blur, and some fatigue can do to perception!
  11. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    That’s actually not a bad guess! It’s not the best camera, and the soap isn’t perfectly clear either. The embed is a tiny soap model of a brachiosaurus skull.
  12. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    😂 not a goat nor an 8, though now I want to find a tiny goat mold. I think the 8 is 2 air bubbles touching.
  13. dragonmaker

    Transparent non-MP bar soap

    Back in March I made some soap aiming for a crystal clear bar of soap that would not be soft, yellow, nor sweaty when left in our humid environment without wrapping. It’s been 7 months letting it cure on my drying racks. Can y’all tell what I embedded inside this one?
  14. dragonmaker

    My new favorite way to rebatch scraps

    Well, it’s been longer than 6 weeks, but I did cure those soaps, so here’s pics and an 9 month later update of my rebatch scraps + ethanol soap experiment: They lost a ton of volume and no longer smell like ethanol. All were poured into individual cavity molds, either rectangle bar shapes or...
  15. dragonmaker

    Sodium citrate and transparent bar soap

    I used ethanol, glycerin, and sugar syrup as well, but the biggest portion was ethanol because I hate the sweating that comes with high glycerin and sugar. The main reason I want citrate is that she has REALLY hard water, so a chelator will help a ton with soap scum and have the secondary bonus...
  16. dragonmaker

    Sodium citrate and transparent bar soap

    I made a transparent bar soap this past spring, and rather enjoyed the experiment. It is not homemade melt and pour once it has had a chance to dry and cure because most of my solvent was ethanol, which evaporates off. It's ridiculously expensive for soap, but quite satisfying to make. I'm...
  17. dragonmaker

    My other hobby

    I love your art!
  18. dragonmaker

    this weekend's work

    Beautiful design, as usual! If you hadn’t told me you were aiming for straight lines, I would have assumed it was intentionally designed as it is.
  19. dragonmaker

    Nebula soap

  20. dragonmaker

    Silk tie?

    Please post pictures here when you finally get a chance to try out the silk! I will be adding silk tie to my very next batch of soap, as soon as I'm able to make soap again!