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  1. JoyfulSudz

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body

    Another part of all this that really gripes me is that with every bit of new information some regulatory agency deems important to be cited on labels, the print becomes smaller and smaller to fit it all in. I can't read the verbage on most labels anymore without a magnifying glass, so it all...
  2. JoyfulSudz

    Soapmaking Friend Needs Beta Testers!

    I'd love to help on this! Sign me up!
  3. JoyfulSudz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Beautiful shelves! Did you make them yourself? I hope your show was a big success!
  4. JoyfulSudz

    True confessions and help needed… Patchouli

    I love patchouli! My husband hates it! When we got together I promised I would stop wearing patchouli if he would keep the cat out of the bedroom (lol). I've made several patchouli blends that he (and others who don't like patchouli) love using the blends from Blends Archive » EO Calc -...
  5. JoyfulSudz

    Snow! Here’s my pic, share yours!

    Thanks! He's a 10-month-old Bernedoodle we adopted 2 weeks ago. He's the smartest, sweetest, most mellow pup until we take him to the dog park where he goes totally deaf and bonkers chasing and humping all the other dogs. Won't he be surprised when we take him in to get neutered in about 12 days!
  6. JoyfulSudz

    Snow! Here’s my pic, share yours!

    We've still got mountains of snow in the backyard where it doesn't get much sunshine. Our new pup, Gus, will really miss his snowy romps thru it when it's gone!
  7. JoyfulSudz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    How did your Neem Oil soap smell? Was the smell noticeable without the addition of other scents to mask it?
  8. JoyfulSudz

    Help with Dog Shampoo formula please

    @DeeAnna That makes sense. And if bathing Gus is anything like bathing my previous dogs, it's an ordeal I wouldn't want to do very often! @KiwiMoose I'm aware of the many EOs that are said to be toxic to dogs, and I'm surprised at how many commercial shampoos contain them (tea tree in...
  9. JoyfulSudz

    Help with Dog Shampoo formula please

    Thank you for sharing your formula! Wouldn't the pH on this be too high since it is a lye-based soap rather than syndet? I only use syndet on my own hair, so I'm assuming the same goes for dogs.
  10. JoyfulSudz

    Help with Dog Shampoo formula please

    Thank you! I didn't know there was such a thing as neem powder. Is it odorless? I like your suggestion because I did want to keep it unscented but didn't want to make Gus smell worse after his bath!
  11. JoyfulSudz

    Help with Dog Shampoo formula please

    Now that Gus the Bernedoodle is part of our family, I'm wanting to make some dog shampoo. I'm planning to use a formula from Humblebee and Me (Lottie's Dog Shampoo) with some minor changes: * In the formula below, I've substituted SLSa for the SLS because that will lower the pH so I shouldn't...
  12. JoyfulSudz

    Shoes and Plantar Fasciitis

    Another PF sufferer here. I did exercises I found online, and I bought off-the-rack orthotics that were supposed to help PF. I have flat feet and the high arches made my feet hurt worse. Still hurting, I saw a podiatrist who again recommended basically the same exercises. He said orthotics...
  13. JoyfulSudz

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Haven't done a thing today, or any day, since we adopted this 9-month-old bundle of Bernedoodle energy three days ago! We named him Gus, and he's quite the loverboy to us, but he destroyed poor Lamb Chop in less than an hour!
  14. JoyfulSudz


    I seem to remember hearing somewhere that TD mixed with water was prone to go bad if not used quickly, but mixing it with oil preserves it for pre-mixing larger amounts. Anyone else know if this is true? I mix mine with oil using Lisa's method and it's been working well for me. No more white...
  15. JoyfulSudz

    SMF February 2023 Challenge - Soap Curls

    Wow, I never imagined you could do that much with soap curls! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this month.
  16. JoyfulSudz

    Lotion bar recipe question

    I add my mica to the liquid oils and the fragrance, and give it a whizz with a mini-mixer. I whizz it again before I add the mix to the melted beeswax and hard oils. It seems to stay mixed pretty well this way.
  17. JoyfulSudz

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    This challenge has been an eye-opener! I am just amazed at how some of the various hues look like totally different colors with the addition of the white, grey, or black. Who'da thunk it???
  18. JoyfulSudz

    Embracing the brown of discoloring FOs

    Those are some great suggestions, thank you! I like the earthiness of the first one (looks like granite), and I love your ombre. What a challenge designing a soap that is basically invisible while you're making it!
  19. JoyfulSudz

    Embracing the brown of discoloring FOs

    Thank you for so many positive responses! I did add TD to the base batter in this soap. I imagine it would have been much darker if I hadn't. It was the first time using a new FO, Nag Champa from Scented Expressions. Most of my soaps have a white base that contrasts nicely with the color...
  20. JoyfulSudz

    Embracing the brown of discoloring FOs

    So many of my favorite FOs discolor to tan or brown. I prefer to embrace the brown rather than use a stabilizer, but I'm rarely happy with the results. They often seem muddy to me (like the one below) rather than "I meant to do that." Please show me some of your favorite soaps in which you've...