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  1. melonpan

    Entry thread for SMF January 2023 Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    It's hard to post after such beautiful soaps but for the sake of partecipating here I go! My idea for the challenge was a blue ocean-themed seascape soap, built with scraped layers. The curved and ondulating layers in the bottom half stand for the ocean, with a menacing...
  2. melonpan

    Soap cutter

    I love those sliding table soap cutters. I've bookmarked a similar one from a different vendor (I'm in Europe) for if and when I decide to splurge on a cutter, but then I'd be torn between that one and more compact multifunctional cutter (like the Hercules or Caterpillar soap cutters already...
  3. melonpan

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    A soapy thing from yesterday - I soaped again after months. Not really because I didn't feel like it, but I was struggling to find the time. So I was really excited to make soap for the January challenge. The plan was 6 layers, sculpted with cardboard scrapers, at first I thought to go unscented...
  4. melonpan

    Ciaglia & Confetti Soaps

    Loving all the different variations of colours and design! The one with the red section is such an interesting colour combo. I've taken a few notes as I have this technique on my list to try and get rid of some transparent soap I did a while back, which is just too harsh for me to use on its...
  5. melonpan

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    Sign up list: 1. dmcgee5034 - I am HUE-gly excited to try this challenge 🌸 2. McKherring Farm - sounds fun! 3. CreativeWeirdo - So many choices! Don't know how I'm going to decide. 4. Phoenix - Sounds simple enough 😜 5. basti - time to stare at my mica collection until I get dizzy 6. dibbles - I...
  6. melonpan

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    I had my soaping session yesterday and my soap is now resting in the mold, I can't wait to unmold it to see how the different sections turned out. My hue was a dark blue mica and judging from the batter the tone and shades might be grayer than I thought. I was also impressed by how much the...
  7. melonpan

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    Thank you both for the help! I wasn't aware of cornstarch being a good candidate for whitening, so that's great to know. I happen to have it in my pantry already :)
  8. melonpan

    January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    I'm loving the idea of this challenge! I realise I don't have any white mica or white colorant though. I've been procastinating buying whites, but the possibilities of this challenge really make me want to try... (I recently moved back to Italy from the UK so I've still to find new suppliers, I...
  9. melonpan

    December 2022 Un-Challenge: (No more) New Year's Resolutions

    Sign up list: (Please copy & paste the list into a new post, then add your name along with the next appropriate number.) 1. AliOop - Now to decide which one to make! I have a long list :) 2. Catscankim - This is one I will definitely get around to 3. Marsi - Inspiration needed ... must watch...
  10. melonpan

    SMF November 2022 - Trees

    Thank you 😊
  11. melonpan

    SMF November 2022 - Trees

    I love all the entries so far. It's putting me in the Christmas mood! @mx5inpenn I had been wanting to try that technique of pouring into a toilet roll for a while now, I think I've seen a video of this and I've been intrigued ever since. I was hoping to try the same technique for the challenge...
  12. melonpan

    SMF November 2022 - Trees

    I hope I can squeeze in a soaping session this month (finally) as I've been wanting to re-do one of my past soap and it includes a tree! Also, there is a tree technique video I have saved years ago and I still haven't got around to try it. Such an inspiring challenge!
  13. melonpan

    New Soaps by The Emerald Chicken

    Loving all of them really. All the pretty layers and the colours, it's really inspiring!
  14. melonpan

    October 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Laminar Flow Swirl

    I'm sorry to say too much is going on for me to make soap and I'm now away from home for a few days. I'm still going to try and make this at some point, but I won't be able to submit my entry in time 😣 Good luck everyone!
  15. melonpan

    October 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Laminar Flow Swirl

    You're making me think about it. I've been going back and forth on this for a while, thinking cardboard ones work *just* fine... let's see! I've finally decided on my color theme, a nostalgic one. I abandoned my original idea with 5 (!) colours as it's my first time trying this technique, and I...
  16. melonpan

    October 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Laminar Flow Swirl

    Sign up list: 1. dibbles - off to start obsessing about color combinations 2. The Phoenix - Time to dust off my dividers. 3. melonpan - have been wanting to try this for some time!
  17. melonpan

    Entry thread for the September 2022 SMF Soap Challenge - Hybrid soaps, pouring CP and MP together.

    Congratulations to everyone, I loved all the other soaps and for once it was a stress-free vote! 😁
  18. melonpan

    September 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Hybrid soaps, pouring CP and MP together

    I'm curious if the M&P part of your soaps is sweating? My soaps are curing in a room at 20-23°C and are definitely sweating a lot - I had to wipe them down today 💦
  19. melonpan

    A new one today

    I'm really liking the gold on the pink, it reminds me of a sunset. I'd be curious to see the cut!
  20. melonpan

    A new one today

    Double post by mistake