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  1. Benjifrazer

    Soapmaker from the UK :)

    If you have your CSPR - you will need a Product information file. This is where you will list every batch you make. This will include the batch numbers of each ingredient. Date of manufacture etc. you will then need to add your soap to the government online portal and you also need a pair of...
  2. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    Please And there is always a gate keeper... how rude you are.
  3. Benjifrazer

    New to Cold Process Soap making

    a rule of thumb. i use is harder oils for harder band softer oils for softer bar - i usually aim for a 50/50 split but within 10% either way.
  4. Benjifrazer

    Ideas to get rid of excess soap in a hurry?

    This is a soap bar cage. this is designed to hold a bar of soap and allows you to swish it around in water for dish washing. Depending on your soap. it may be good to wash dishes but you might find fragrance oil sits on them and you dont want to eat it really. I also use my bar soap to wash the...
  5. Benjifrazer

    Soap Swirl levels

    Good call...
  6. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    Okay thats a good point. obviously the motion you use in the mould will create different swirl, so thats going to be a interesting video as ill need to show how motion and trace affects the design - ive got a great idea for that... thank you
  7. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    nice ideas. thank you
  8. Benjifrazer

    Soap Swirl levels

    I took a few of these from Soap Queen website if you want to find out about swirls
  9. Benjifrazer

    Soap Swirl levels

    Totally looking at other techniques. but certainly want to concentrate on swirls first. then pours like column, ombre and gradient and embeds and stuff.
  10. Cake or soap!

    Cake or soap!

    I had some (and by some i mean probably a metric tonne) of soap bars. so i wanted to come up with a way of christmassing some up. what do we think?
  11. Benjifrazer

    Soap Swirl levels

    What level would you give the following swirls? Would they be beginner intermediate or advanced in your opinion? and have i missed any? In the pot (ITP) One pot wonder (OPO) Drop swirl (DWS) Mantra Swirl (MSW) Taiwan swirl (TSW) Hanger swirl (HSW) Zebra Swirl (ZSW) Peacock swirl (PSW)...
  12. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    That’s great ideas. I have a make your lye tutorial and a emulsion tutorial - so that makes sense.
  13. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    Oh I’d better get tidying then
  14. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    So soapsters. I am starting a YouTube channel with tips tutorials the usual Fayre. However, it occurred to me - there is lots of the same things on most channels and I wondered if anyone has a tutorial they wish they could find, a technique that they just can’t fathom out or any soap related...
  15. Benjifrazer

    Best simple cold process soap design technique for a first time artesian soap maker?

    You got through your first batch. Well done! Hope you wrote everything down so next time you can adjust your process. by the way. If you use citrus essential / fragrance oils they tend to behave better than warm / spicy / floral notes.
  16. Benjifrazer

    Best simple cold process soap design technique for a first time artesian soap maker?

    I’d suggest running the following through a soap calculator 30% Olive 30% Coconut 5% Avocado 5% canola (rapeseed in the UK) 30% Lard It gives you 60/40 split in favour of hard oils -which should help you with a harder bar (but i think you may need to leave it in the mould for a couple of days...
  17. Benjifrazer

    Body butters

    It is very dependant on your geographical location (local temperature etc) This video is excellent and explains the ratios brilliantly.
  18. Benjifrazer

    Soap Labeling Dilema

    I see you’re in the US - but for context, in the UK to make any claim on soap other than “gets you clean” - we have to have the soap tested by a lab for each “claim we make” (and even for standard soap we have to have each recipes approved by a cosmetic chemist before we can legally sell a soap...