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    Liquid soap has a sticky feel as it's drying

    If you have hard water, and you superfat, it is most likely soap scum. I fixed this by A. Adding EDTA and B. Decreasing my superfat to the bare minimum. It took both solutions before I lost that sticky feeling.
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    Ultimate Guide to Liquid Soap

    I'm old school, too. I learn far better from information I can hold in my hand and put sticky notes and pencil notes all over. And that allows me to tweak as I go and know what I did last time.
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    kindly comment on my soap recipe

    I never worry about temperatures any more. Oils warm enough to keep the CO and lard from hardening up is about all I care. The closer to room temperature, the better.
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    lye error

    OP, very seldom do I say to throw any soap away, but sometimes things are just not worth the effort to fix. If you have unlimited time and energy to spend on fixing this, go for it. I do not.
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    My liquid soap separated!!

    Don't mix the hot glycerin with the KOH no matter what the video shows. Here is a beast of a thread that is loaded with good liquid soapmaking information.
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    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    I might even drop that to 25-28% lye concentration if you want to do fancy designs.
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    Soap Savers

    If you buy some tulle (or cheaper yet, buy a bath pouf and undo it) and cut into 1" wide strips and tug the ends to make it curl up, you can create your own "yarn" that is perfect to make soap savers from. It allows the soap to dry. I used cotton yarn only as a drawstring to close them. I...
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    Dear Abby Discussion

    The person who sent the wrong gift should graciously accept the thanks then send the correct gift to the other sibling IF it makes that big of a difference. If it makes no difference to anyone other than the gift giver, then she should keep her mouth shut and act like she meant to do that all...
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    Calling me Hun

    Because she was trying to start a fight in public. And I value my ability to remain professional under all circumstances. I do not have to participate in every argument I am invited to. This way, only one of us looks bad. I would never get upset with someone who called me Hun, Sweetie, Sugar...
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    Donating handmade soap to charities

    I have a friend that works at a women's shelter in another state, and they would truly appreciate handmade soap. Then I saw a YouTube video this morning about a group that was putting together Mother's Day packages for the kids to give to their moms, and they were truly in need and were giving...
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    Good-bye dear Guy At the End of the Bar

    I know I am late reading this, but I truly am so very sorry! Those furry friends walk right into our hearts and make a home there. Losing my last dog made me determined that I am going to just have fish and other underwater pets from now on. I have furry grandkids, and losing them is going to be...
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    My new baby

    I know! I always thought you had great taste in having one tuxedo cat. My SIL had two of them, they were brothers and those cats were huge. Standing on four feet their heads came up to my mid thigh range. I know I am short at 5'1", but those cats were still huge. And standing on their back feet...
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    Calling me Hun

    I've lived in the deep South all of my life. I got called "sweetie" in a public chat by a co-worker. I had to explain to my boss (a native Texan) why that was bad. And I also explained to him that if she called me that again, I am going to HR. But, it was all in the context. She is a newbie...
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    My new baby

    So cute! Tuxedo cats are my favorite!
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    Infusing Oil with Paprika

    But paprika infused oil gives a different appearance. I've done it both ways.
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    Washing soap materials question?

    I use 2% SF as I have hard water and soap scum is my mortal enemy. I am debating on dropping that to 1% as you really only want enough to prevent a lye heavy soap. I may even go down to 0% if I can convince myself to not "test" early. But I tend to start using bars at 4 weeks, just to test mind...
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    What advice would you give to your beginning soaping self?

    ^^^This!!! There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents. Some of the best designs I have done were not originally intended.
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    How do I go about finding a female doctor in the US?

    I only use female doctors if at all possible (unless you mean gynecologist which is a doctor that treats patients for female issues). I would look on my insurance's web site and go look at the provider list. Often they have pictures of the doctor, and some times the names will help you identify...
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    Washing soap materials question?

    The only thing I wash during soaping multiple batches is my SB stick. Everything else gets stacked in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. The next day (once it has saponified), I pour hot water in the bucket, let it sit until I can stand to put my hand in, then the soap gets scraped off (dough scraper...
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    Fix for Dreaded Orange Spots on just one type of my soap

    Sesame oil has an incredibly short shelf life. I store our sesame oil that we cook with in the freezer. Rancid oils=DOS.