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    I apologize ahead of time. Cupcake soap!

    Ohhhh, they look soooo good, I can't stand it. I want one.
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    How long can you keep fragrance..

    As long as they still smell good. If they start to smell a little "off" then it's time to toss.
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    Selling Soap

    I so agree with you. I felt the same way, but I thought I would rather be safe than sorry. As litigious as this society is, we can't be too careful. It's just to each person's preference as to the chance they want to take.
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    What to do with my ugly or bad batch soaps?

    They came out so beautiful. What's wrong with them? PS...if it's just the surface, get a beveler and take the surface off with one swipe across it. That is too pretty throw away.
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    My first worst soap day!

    Well, I think the soap came out just perfect. Your story was funny. I could just picture all of it. You got it together, though, and it all worked out to perfection.
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    Fun fall cupcakes!

    Oh my, those are so absolutely cute and delicious looking.
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    Selling Soap

    This is not legal advice, it is simply an article I found. I have seen a number of articles, in the past, with this same type of info given and for me, I decided not to give away my products because of what I read... except to my immediate family. Here is the URL and what I am quoting...
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    Selling Soap

    A person can sue you for anything, whether it was due to negligence, or not. It would be wise for each person to contact their insurer to to see if have that coverage in their policy. Each city, state, country may be different. And, yes, if they have legal questions, they should contact their...
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    Selling Soap

    Hi SoapSap. Check with your city codes. As far as I am aware, the city considers you a business anytime you start to sell your product and requires you to be licensed. The state will require you to obtain a reseller's permit so that you can pay sales tax. You would need to do all of the things...
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    Oil/lye mixture temperature

    I prebatch my lye, so it is always cool. When I heat my oils, I let it cool down only enough to add my fragrance and any other additives that I want to put in. Then I pour in the lye water. I've never had a problem.
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    Swirl attempt

    That's a very good swirl. Congratulations!!
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    Adding Sugar for Lather

    Simply add the sugar to your distilled water and stir until the water is clear. It doesn't take very long. Then add lye and stir periodically until dissolved. I use 1T PPO of granulated sugar.
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    Soap Fairies

    They have to visit my house, first, to help me finish making it. Sent you a PM but your box was too full. Wouldn't accept.
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    Whipped soap

    Oh, geeze, that looks good enough to eat. Me want cupcake!!!
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    WSP no 1 gallon Palm oil!

    Soap Oil supplier in So Cal:
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    WSP no 1 gallon Palm oil!

    Cibaria is right next door to you, so the shipping won't be so bad. Their price is $13.78 for 7 pounds.
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    Beer Soap

    I never froze my beer soap. I opened it and let it sit in a covered bowl for a week and then I boiled it. I didn't have any heat problems. It came out a real nice dark tan.
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    First salt bar pics!

    Those are very nice. I really love the first one, with the sand bottom. The water actually looks like fish are swarming. Great job!
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    My table setup...any advice before I do bigger shows?

    I think it looks very classy and professional. Looks like any retailer could own that table.
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    All my soap in complete DOS help!!

    I bottle my oils in plastic and put them in the freezer. I had to buy another freezer for my garage, just for the oils. They will keep a very long time. Also, you can purchase Rice Bran Oil, inexpensively, if you have an Asian Grocery store in your area. I got a half gallon for a little over $5...