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    Bar soap too soft?

    Hi! I have been making lye based bar soap for a while now, no problems. Except, the last two batches I made were really soft and malleable, like play-doh texture, when I took them out of the molds. They hardened a bit over time, but still were pretty soft months later. I have always been using...
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    Soap too soft and maleable?

    Hi! I am making bar soap; I've made it a bunch of times, always following the same recipe. However, the past 2 times it has come out very soft and malleable, like the texture of playdoh, when I take it out of the molds. It hardens a bit out of the molds, but is still way softer than earlier...
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    Cracking crock pot?

    Thank you for the response. It seems absurd that a new pot would crack after one use; it wasn't exactly new, but hadn't been used very much. And yes, I'm trying to convince her to donate the pot to my soap hobby :)
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    Cracking crock pot?

    Hi! I made a batch of castille soap in my crock pot successfully. When I started making my second batch, as I was pouring in the lye, the ceramic cracked and poured my hot oil and lye mixture all over my counter and floor. To say the least, it was a disaster! I'm wondering what led to the...