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    Is this a scam, does anyone else get this?

    You might want to read three examples of twists on this kind of scam here: Your best bet is not to respond at all. People who truly want your soap business will take the time to actually read what you offer. These people will take your...
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    100% homegrown ingredient soap

    Excellent start, Eric! I also farm and really love the process of making as much as possible from things we raise ourselves. Unfortunately, having that attitude leads to so many opportunities (spinning, cheese, grinding wheat to bake, soaping, on and on it goes) that I scarcely have time to go...
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    Chunder - pics added

    Well, all's well that ends well, isn't it? Soap turned out nice! But as long as we're on the subject, here's somebody else who was clearly "inspired" by some soap batter grossities! ;)
  4. H twice, pour once.

    It's not recommended to dump large volumes of heavily concentrated lye into your septic system because it can upset the acid balance that feeds the anaerobic bacteria down there. BUT when you consider adding an ounce or two of lye to a system with 1000 gallons or more of poo-water, it will make...
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    Those are beautiful socks! Happy, happy feet! You've got a good even tension to your knitting. I look forward to the day when I have enough time, patience and stamina to get back into a few spinning and knitting projects. Years ago when I belonged to a handspinners guild, there was a...
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    I attempted a rebatch...

    If it's any consolation, Lilac was the very first FO I ever bought, and OOB it smelled EXACTLY like the flowers that I cut from the yard in early spring. I felt so fortunate to have stumbled onto a perfect scent on my very first try! and then I soaped it. Y. U. K. !!! It smells like a greasy...
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    OMG that looks lethal!

    I hope whoever owns that website has a ton of insurance. That is SCARY! What happens when some enterprising but gullible soul decides to cure their child's acne for once and for all, stirs some up and actually manages to get a good mix but DOESN'T KNOW TO POUR IT IN A MOLD TO HARDEN AND CURE...
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    coloring CP soap

    Unless you infuse and strain the oil ahead of time, natural spices will give a "speckled" appearance to your soap because they don't totally dissolve. It's an effect I really like, but something you might want to plan for depending on the soap you're planning.
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    Two Un-Related Questions....

    Silk is a hardened protein-based body fluid excreted by specific larvae as they spin their cocoon to pupate. Cotton is a plant fiber, so chemical make-up would be in the wood family. Very unlikely to dissolve at all, and not likely to be satisfactory if it did. And to take things just a...
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    questions about my first batch

    You measure by weight, just like all your other ingredients. And no, you don't subtract any other oils to make room for the scented oil.
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    shipping challenge

    I doubt I'll get to the point of worrying about standardized pricing for shipping soap, but I do manage quite a bit of shipping of small nursery stock where I work. We do UPS and Priority Mail for the most part. One big thing to keep in mind with UPS is that they currently update their...
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    The main reason to buy the cinnamon scent as an FO is because FO's are synthetic scents while EO's are distilled right from the plants and can potentially give qualities to your soap besides just scent. Real cinnamon oil is a fairly potent skin irritant - you know how RedHots candies burn your...
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    Question about fragrance oils...

    Neither. The scented lamp oil is most likely a petroleum-based product. Read the label, it probably even says not to get it on your skin. The massage oil may or may not list all the ingredients in a way that is useful. If it's a blend, then you may have a difficult time determining a...
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    High Altitude Soap Making

    8000 feet...... Leadville, CO?? As I recall from high altitude cooking, water boils at a lower temperature because of the lower air pressure, and cakes need an extra spoonful of flour because they rise too fast for the same reason. Never tried soap at high altitude, but thinking about the...
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    Rebatching With Milk....THANK YOU!

    Mike, what the heck are you doing soaping? According to my truck's readout, it was 106 yesterday and 102 today on my way home from work, and I only live about 40 miles south of you! There's no soap recipe in the world, let alone a rebatch, good enough to make me want to soap in weather like this!
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    Great Grandma's "Turpentine" Soap.....stain stick

    Mike, my stain sticks are almost the same recipe, but with 1/2 cup Borax added to the recipe. I'm a great believer in "the easier the better" so I don't wait till trace to add anything -- I just throw the lard, borax, lye water and turpenoid all together and SB to medium trace. And I discount...
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    Has anyone visited this site?

    I hope I'm not offending anybody, but my BS radar really lights up when I see a sales pitch like that website. If he's got real, proven, useful information that's worth the money, he shouldn't have to advertise it as though it were snake oil. It will be a little more work to research from...
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    Beer and wine maker members

    Oh -- and Ian, I didn't know this, but a quick google tells me that hops are the genus Humulus which is in the cannabidacae family.....HMMMMMM! V-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-r-y interesting! 8)
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    Beer and wine maker members

    LOL, Ian, harvest is such a frenzied time, you just stay out of their way! They literally cut vines 24 hours a day to get it done. They have these open trailers that they pull down the rows. There is a framework that sticks about 17 feet in the air with a blade on it, and another blade just a...
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    Beer and wine maker members

    Before I found myself working full-time off the farm, we used to make about 20 gallons of fruit wines a year. Nasty stuff! So delicious that you're in a coma under the table if you don't have extreme self-discipline, LOL! We've never messed with brewing beer, but we are blessed to live in...