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    How to scale up bubble bar batches?

    Hi soapy friends! I'm having a hard time scaling up my bubble bar batches - they get hard too quickly before I'm able to scoop them all out when I make a bigger batch which should be for around 70 of them - has anyone successfully scaled up their batches? What did you tweak? (Not looking for...
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    Big Lotion Mistake

    Thanks for the quick reply! Honestly, that much lotion probably cost me just $150-ish in materials, but total waste... I'll probably just toss it instead of wasting more time and ingredients down the road...
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    Big Lotion Mistake

    So, I've made 80 lbs of lotion and made the rookie mistake of running out of preservative - how long can this lotion sit without preservative? Or is it all a waste now?
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    Lemon Cake Dupe?

    BB discontinued their Lemon Cake FO before I realized. It’s a major staple in my shop and now I’m scrambling. Does anyone know of a good dupe? I tried WSP’s but it’snot the same, smells very coconut to me...
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    Problem with BTMS 50

    I tried that and the lady I spoke with at Chemistry Store was quite unhelpful (and quite frankly rude). She told me it couldn't possibly be the BTMS 50 I'd gotten from her and that my formulation was wrong or it was one of the OTHER ingredients I used (all of which had been used in previous...
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    Problem with BTMS 50

    Hi guys! I recently received 25 lbs of BTMS 50 from Chemistry Store (states it's Incroquat from Croda), and my nailed down Conditioner Bar recipe is suddenly very soft and leaking oil. Nothing else in the recipe was changed and I made 3 separate batches all with the same issue. I made another...
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    New Stephensons Bath Butter vs Old Version

    Hi all! I've been using Stephenson's Foaming Bath Butter/ Crystal OPC for a few years now and they've just introduced a new version. Wondering those of you who have tried both what your thoughts are? I made my first batch of sugar scrub with it last night and found it to be very dry/crumbly and...
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    Using beer in liquid soap

    Hi all! Wondering about incorporating beer into liquid soap. Would you add KOH to beer? Or dilute the batch with beer? My gut is telling me the KOH gets mixed with it but thought I'd ask the experts - info regarding this is surprisingly hard to come by. Thanks in advance! :bunny:
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    bought a bath bomb press

    Funny, I'm just looking at purchasing one myself - wondering how bath bomb recipe gets altered when using a press? Up until now I've just been doing bath melts (bath bomb with cocoa & shea butters, so they harden as they cool - no real drying required)
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    How do you melt your buckets of palm?

    I actually live in Northern Canada, so setting it outside results in it getting harder not softer hahaha
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    How do you melt your buckets of palm?

    Hi all! I'm at the point where I'm going through about a 35 lb bucket of palm a week and having to melt it out is seriously time consuming. As it is now, I scoop it out into a Pyrex 2 quart and then melt in the microwave. I add the melted stuff into a different clean bucket, then mix and pour...
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    FO/EO for lotion/body spray questions

    I made a spray for my father in law that was a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, black pepper and lemon and he (who is usually devoured by black flies and mozzies) absolutely swears by it. I just put it in a base of sweet almond oil and he reapplied every hour or two.
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    Made a Lego machine that automatically manufactures my product

    I am in absolute awe! I showed my husband (a chronic tinkerer) and his mind was also blown. :)
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    ACK! Lotion Help!

    The initial separation did indeed come after the first blend, when my temps were still too high for my preservative - I didn't add it until after I reached full and thorough emulsion without anymore oily streaking as I didn't want to waste the Optiphen Plus. When I make my usual lotion/cream...
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    Sharon Johnson HP method?

    The video has been made private so I can't see it - would anyone be kind enough to give me the run down of what it is? Also, just as a point of interest, HP soap is not cured after the cook, merely saponified - curing comes with the evaporation of water and hardening of the bar. Personally I...
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    ACK! Lotion Help!

    UPDATE: I ended up reheating the emulsified mix back up with a double boiler to 180 and held it again. Took it off and blended it with my hand mixer for about 4 minutes. It finally came together without anymore "streaking", so I kept mixing it off and on until it was cool enough for Optiphen...
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    ACK! Lotion Help!

    I melted all waxes and oils all together, yes. I was waiting for it to cool to add my Optiphen Plus when it kept separating. Kept hitting it with my stick blender but would start seeing oily streaks to the top within a minute or so.
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    ACK! Lotion Help!

    Hi all! I'm making a new recipe of lotion in hopes of it being a bit thinner than my usual recipe, but am having issues with it separating. Water and oils were both heated and held to 170-180 for 20 mins and combined Half and Half Water/Pure Aloe Vera Juice - 35%/35% (70% total) - 995g...
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    bramble berry Crisp Cotton

    I actually love this FO! Nice and fresh with the tiniest hint of sweet. Performed perfectly in CP, had tons of time to do a 4 colour swirl. Faded a touch after cure but nothing out of the norm.
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    Listing Mica on Label

    Most places you buy from will list INCI ingredients for mica, which is what you're technically supposed to list it as.