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    Newbie! Assistance Appreciated!

    Thanks for the info, all! I'm going to try it that way, HappyGoNaturally. I'll post my update once I pick a scent and test it out! I'm really excited to dive into this.
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    Newbie! Assistance Appreciated!

    Thanks for the reply, jcandleattic! I assumed using the max % of fragrance was ideal, in order to get a nice big scent from it. Especially with my candles being on the smaller side. But being inexperienced, I'll totally take your advice. For the wicks, I used the CandleScience Wick Guide and...
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    Newbie! Assistance Appreciated!

    hello! I’m super new to candle making. I mean, I’ve made candles, but always in like an uneducated way. You know.... just mixing a bunch of waxes and dumping them in a can and calling it good. I’ve never taken the time to educate myself on waxes, wicks, scents, and how to make it all come...