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    Does lemongrass EO discolour?

    Hi all, I'm planning a lemongrass & patchouli soap with a yellow base with a green and white drop swirl. Just concerned that my chosen EO's will discolour the batter? Any help greatly appreciated
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    Lye migration???!!!

    Kazmi, I didn't re-test after the initial lye positive test. It did stop sweating but the solution was quite thin and watery not thick and sticky as I would expect glycerine to be, so I just decided to rebatch it (which I did last night). I hope its ok cause it has shea in it and I don't...
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    Lye migration???!!!

    Both problem batches gelled and they spent the most time in the mould, I usually unmould sooner. The recent one was still in the mould when it began weeping. BTW, I really appreciate your replies :smile:
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    Lye migration???!!!

    I know it is most likely something I did or didn't do but I'd like to work out what that was!!! This has occurred twice now. Basically, the soap turns out perfect-beautiful, set, smells and feels like soap. Then it seems to start sweating small droplets, with the first problem batch it...
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    Lye migration???!!!

    Can natural colourants cause lye to sweat/migrate out of soap??? :confused:
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    Rooibos tea soap

    Hi all, I'm familiar with using rooibos tea in the water but I was wondering of I can add it as a powder at trace? Thanks
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    Silly question?!!!

    Has anyone used a silicone liner in a cardboard frame or outer for their soap before? I have found a good source for excellent silicone liners but I want to keep costs down so I was thinking of fashioning some cardboard frames/supports until I can afford to make some wooden ones. Silly...
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    Is my soap pot jinxed???

    :sad: After a catalogue of disasters/errors this week, I am beginning to think my soap pot is cursed. On Sunday, I made a Castille batch that turned a bit crumbly (I posted about that earlier in the week) . I also made a Bastille batch that started out a beautiful cream colour now appears to...
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    Lard in Soap

    Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions. Chicklet, you may be on to something regarding the cardboard, as I did cure that first batch on cardboard. I have since cured all my soaps in wire baskets which allows good air flow around the bars. Manwithbeers, in my previous life I was a...
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    Crumbly Castille

    Made my first batch of Castille yesterday with concentrated lye solution 1:1. Today when I went to cut it , it was rock hard and it was a bit crumbly where the thickest part of my knife cut through it. Also, you can see in the pic there are little air bubbles under the crumbly bits, apart...
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    Lard in Soap

    Thanks everyone. Taking all your points on board, I'd be a fool not to give lard another try!
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    Avoiding gel???

    Thanks Cara and Tiffany. I would usually be far to impatient not to gel but I've got 3 big soaps and 8 minis that I can look forward to unmoulding in the morning, so I thought I'd give it a try!!!
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    Sustainable Soapers Guild?????

    Thanks to everyone who replied either privately or on the forum. I managed to track it down, so thanks again.
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    Avoiding gel???

    Hi all, Just a quick one, just had a wonderful soaping marathon:-P, made 4 batches this afternoon (which is a marathon for me)!!! I want to avoid gel in the last batch that I have just finished. I have it in the freezer now, but how long should it stay there? Should I transfer it to the...
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    Salt Bar

    Very pretty. I love the delicate colouring.
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    a pencil line and a potswirl

    Superb! I havent tried an ITP swirl cos I've not seen many to inspire me but yours is fantastic :-D I must have a go now.
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    Feedback on Website??

    I think it looks very classy. Black always does IMO.
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    Sustainable Soapers Guild?????

    I was having a little look around the forum while on my mobile this morning and came across an invitation to a new group on FB called 'sustainable soapers guild'. I cant seem to find it on FB and now I'm on the laptop I cant find the post here either! Is it genuine, was I dreaming or is it...
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    Yummy Beer Soap

    Looks scrummy Obsidian. :smile: Did you replace the total water amount with beer or add a concentrated beer syrup which I've also seen mentioned?
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    Lard in Soap

    Hi everyone, When I made my first soap it was an all lard 1lb batch which I scented with tea tree (from a well known book). It turned out well, as in it made soap(!) and I set off on my soap making journey. Some weeks into the cure a couple of the bars developed DOS so that immediately put...