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  1. ewenique

    Kombucha Brewers

    I've been making kombucha for several months now and use green tea. I wonder if commercial kombuch is artificially carbonated because mine is only a little fizzy before adding flavoring and refrigerating. I like fresh ginger and pineapple. I've made CP soap with vinegary kombucha that's sat too...
  2. ewenique

    de-funk de pits

    What a great read! Thanks to all who participated and shared their insight in to this natural deodorant. Now I'll have to try it, too.
  3. ewenique

    Bath bomb notes

    Very timely! I have been researching this, too. The info you have listed is pretty much what I've found, too. Now to try making a floating, spinning, foaming bath bomb! Thanks for sharing.
  4. ewenique

    Netepur stain remover soap

    Has anyone heard of H2O cleaning products from France? One product is a small bar of soap called, Netepur, which is a stain remover. The ingredients are palm and coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, and tetrasodium etidronate. It is a good stain remover, but it is $12 a bar! I suspect the...
  5. ewenique

    Thinking about joining the HSCG...

    I attended this year's conference in Tucson, and it was a worthwhile experience. There were some really great speakers, a few not so interesting, and it was neat seeing some of the "big names" in the soap making world. The food was delicious and I enjoyed chatting with different people during...
  6. ewenique

    Large Batches of Goat Milk Soap

    Try adding room temp goat milk to your oils and stick blending it well before adding your lye water. Works great and doesn't cause such a reaction with the lye.
  7. ewenique

    Hoosier Wood Works White Oak Soap Rest Giveaway!

    What fun! Please enter me in your giveaway.:)
  8. ewenique

    Deanna, I have a question...

    I've just spent half my day reading this fascinating thread. Thanks to all who have joined in and shared the results of your experiments!
  9. ewenique

    Essential oil frustration (what are we buying?)

    One reason doTerra oils are so much more expensive is how they are sold - by multi-level marketing. So the price is higher because lots of folks are getting their cut. I agree it is hard to know just what we are truly buying because of the hype, misinformation, contradictory information, etc...
  10. ewenique

    Doterra eo's

    Interesting information! Thank you for sharing.
  11. ewenique

    CPOP Gone what?

    Sure you can shred the soap and add it to another batch. You could even rebatch it again. Try whipping it with a hand mixer when it's melted. It will lighten up and the texture will change. Then remold it. You might end up with some fabulous soap!
  12. ewenique

    Freeze Avacado Puree?

    I've frozen avocado puree. If left too long, it will turn brown in the freezer. I like the idea of adding a little lemon juice to the puree.
  13. ewenique

    HELP! Overheating? Should I be worried?

    Depending on how much coffee you put in the batch, the lather might be brown. I only add an ounce or two now in my coffee soaps.
  14. ewenique

    Thinking about joining the HSCG...

    I recently joined the Guild and will be attending the conference in Tucson. I am very excited! I grew up in Tucson, so that was part of the appeal. At this point, I'm not interested in pursuing certification, but perhaps in the future I might.
  15. ewenique

    Oops, 34% superfat

    I miscopied a soap formula and made soap with a 34% superfat. :roll: Fourteen extra ounces were added by mistake. It is still sitting in the mold looking very pretty. I wonder if the high superfat will make this soap have a very short lifespan, or if it will be over the top wonderful...
  16. ewenique

    Dental soap

    I used my own tooth soap for over a year, but it didn't remove stains, so back to regular toothpaste for me!
  17. ewenique

    Did I screw this up or what???

    This is what I've done in a similar situation: You can try to hot process the soap mess. Since it's a small batch, carefully dump the mess into a microwave safe bowl or bucket and zap it for a minute. Keep a close eye on it. Take it out and stir, then zap again for a minute. Repeat until it...
  18. ewenique

    Alternatives to Coconut Oil?

    Sometimes it's the percentage of coconut that can cause an irritation. When I made a soap with 33% coconut, my daughter found it made her itchy, whereas all my other soaps with 20% or lower coconut never irritated her skin. My soaps typical superfat is between 6-8%. Now my salt bars have high...
  19. ewenique

    Eeeek! I forgot one of my oils!

    If you ran it through SoapCalc and only needed .1 of lye, it will be fine. It sounds like you had a high enough superfat to begin with, so .1 won't make a difference.
  20. ewenique

    Castor Oil: 5% or 10%???

    I usually use 10 - 15%. Higher than that and I notice the sticky feel.