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  1. Mommysoaper


    According to Marie Gale's book, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling some common names for oils are acceptable to use in the ingredient label. The government recognizes these as correct because they only approved the 2nd edition (I believe, not looking at the book at the moment) of INCI names and that...
  2. Mommysoaper

    It's been awhile... but here's some soap!

    I used a condiment bottle to design the holly soap. Just drew on top of the soap and used a chopstick to pull out the points on the holly leaves. Fun!
  3. Mommysoaper

    It's been awhile... but here's some soap!

    Haven't been on the forum for awhile because it's been so crazy since the school year started, but here are a few I've been working on: The first one is BB's Gingersnap, the second is NG's Black raspberry Vanilla, the third is Peak's Pumpkin Spice; and fourth is NG's Christmas Cabin. They...
  4. Mommysoaper

    Any marigold for calendula petals?

    here's a pic of a pot marigold (calendula) from the internet. Hope it helps to identify!
  5. Mommysoaper

    Citrus EO's and Liquid Soap

    Lemongrass doesn't cloud. Not a true citrus, but has a nice lemony scent. i add polysorbate 80 to my liquid soaps to get rid of the cloudiness issue.
  6. Mommysoaper

    Wonderstruck dupe

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Mommysoaper

    Bonfire Bliss

    Love the colors and the swirl! Awesome job!
  8. Mommysoaper

    3 more :)

    Beautiful soaps and I love pumpkin!
  9. Mommysoaper

    Soap do you.....

    I make them into sample sizes, wrap and label them. I sell them at a farmer's market for like a buck a piece but I also include a free sample in all of my online orders. That way, I have little to no waste from my soaps and I don't have to rebatch a mish mash of soaps together.
  10. Mommysoaper

    Cure time rule

    I find (at least for me) environmental factors can have effect on my cure times. When the humidity is up, sometimes it seems to take longer ( I have no AC).
  11. Mommysoaper

    Wonderstruck dupe

    Does anyone know of any FO companies that carry a dupe of the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck scent? I have a niece that loves the scent and would like some soap with the scent. Thanks!
  12. Mommysoaper

    eye burning sensation from my liquid soap

    Yeah, the alkaline nature of soap does a number to your eyes. It will never feel good in your eyes! Just gotta be careful!:smile:
  13. Mommysoaper

    Crackle explained!!!

    I noticed I only get crackle when I use TD mixed with water and occasionally with ultramarine violet. Definitely occurs more often when I gel but not all of the time. I always use palm. Interesting info!
  14. Mommysoaper

    Soaps and all the extra additives...

    In my opinion an extra "additives" to soap will have very limited benefits to our skin due to the wash off nature of soap. It's just not on our skin long enough to do much. Plus, who's to say what benefits are left after the saponification process occurs? Now, that being said, I think some...
  15. Mommysoaper

    Other vendors copying your products

    Sounds incredibly frustrating for you. At my farmer's market there is a lady that sells goat milk soap along with beef from her farm. ( I only make one or two soaps with goat milk and my soaps are a different style so I felt ok applying for a spot) Her soap is pretty basic and not fancy, but...
  16. Mommysoaper

    Christmas 2013

    I ordered some fall/winter fragrances and I am so excited to get started on them! Love the fall/winter season!
  17. Mommysoaper

    Hydrated Chrome Green Oxide -

    I've also used this colorant- from BB and no yellow spots. Not sure what that could be coming from--sorry!
  18. Mommysoaper

    Crock Pot Soap

    I've not had the separation issue with my HP soaps, but since you have an idea of what may be causing it, maybe you could test that out for your next batch(yay, more soap!) As for the brownness- as Ruthie mentioned, it's probably from the caramelization of the goats milk. Not too pretty but at...
  19. Mommysoaper

    Yummy Beer Soap

    It may darken some. I've made some beer soaps and they all seemed to darken a little as they cured. Looks beautiful so far!
  20. Mommysoaper


    I do sometimes stamp my soaps, but for a basic OMH I tend to like it pretty basic, but I could always change that! sapwn- gelling is nothing bad, it's just a phase soap can go through if the temps are high enough. I actually like to gel my regular soaps because my colors "pop" more. I don't...