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    Removing soda ash from soap with decorated tops

    Agreed! Two seconds in the path of a steamer and it's smooth and shiny!
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    How do you know if...

    Some may not like me for saying this, but I think any EO is too much in soap.. It takes a LOT of plants to make an ounce of EO, and it breaks my heart to see all that life die just so the heart/quality of the plant can die in the lye process or get washed down the drain... ouch, but to each his...
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    Making Soap In A Blender

    Yes what they said above... I should have said yes and no also - but I err on the side of caution... Can a ten year old drive a car - yes... should they? Can you walk a tightrope without a net - yes.... should you? Glass is not infallable... it could theoretically shatter on you while you...
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    Same here... it's perfect for planing, but I went back to my woodcarving tool (as mentioned above) for beveling the sides after a few batches..
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    Making Soap In A Blender

    NO! And no again just in case lol.... Bad idea...danger...
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    Scents And Colorants From The Grocery Store

    I would start with no more than one teaspoon per pound, just to be sure the additive isn't scratchy in higher amount. Cocoa powder is another one I don't think was mentioned above... Tumeric powder makes a lively shade of dark Orange, I use it for guy smelling soaps alot, but have to get a...
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    Thank you Moderators!!

    I agree - thank you very much to all of you. I have learned a lot here over the years..
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    Opinions please: CP vs HP

    I personally prefer cp, but I feel learning cphp is a very important learning tool for understanding how soap is made... You are in control and more aware of what you are doing, versus what happens when you put the lid on and leave it for eight hours.. People have diffent opinions on whether...
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    Honey Powder

    It works great.... keep an eye out in case it gets too warm while gelling. I have in the past had brown spots in my soap from it, but it was because I mistakenly added the powder to the oils.. now I mix it in my water before adding lye and it's never a problem.
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    Brand name soap and labels

    hmm... I'm being a downer, but this is my opinion. The fda requires that the manufacturer produce a safe product, and they assume they do until they are told otherwise... So, if a company can profit $100,000 a year and only have two or three minor lawsuits that settle out of court for $10,000...
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    You smell soap company?

    paper dipped in mp maybe? I have done that with kids before, where we used artificial autumn leaves from Michaels Crafts and made a basket of single serve hand soaps..
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    Coconut oil and de-forestation?

    She may enjoy reading these links. ... tives.aspx ... =100060067 The last one, you must be member of to read all, so I am pasting here for you. I hope you find it...
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    Coconut oil and de-forestation?

    You r right, we won't settle it here, and I love people who love to seek facts... My quote seems slightly out of context when you dont include the rest, saying to follow your heart and conscience.... I remember one of the admins here explaining a few years ago how the people in that part of the...
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    Coconut oil and de-forestation?

    I think we should start a rumor about orangutans and jojoba oil.... Maybe we can get the price down that way... But if an outdated concern is keeping palm cheap (while I see coconut oil is on the rise) then I don't mind... Same with parabens, everyone believes the false stories to the point...
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    Shea Butter ?

    Wow, that looks like a nice little treasure!! Thank you Deda :-)
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    I see, I understand that... I just never thought that the acid in juice held a candle to the ph of lye..
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    Mountainous tops - PICS ADDED

    When I hear 'textured top' I imagine any kind of soap that has some sort of non-flat top...when I hear 'mountain top' I thought of the look you get from using back of spoon to create cliffs and peaks (like when you test if heavy cream has whipped enough when cooking).. waiting 20 minutes after...
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    Hmmm. I am learning something new here... Are there recent past discussions that I should catch up on? Never tried using acidic juices in soap before, but I would have assumed it to be fine. If the acid in the juice won't burn me, then it won't hurt the lye, ya know? And you say citrus, is that...
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    Palm Oil ???

    I just opened a seven pound container of palm and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't separated, just a little oil slick on the bottom. It's above 80degrees 9 months of the year, usually I get a chunk of rock hard palm on top and syrupy oil on bottom.. it arrived during a cold spell, that...
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    So, why do you prefer or use M&P over handmade bases?

    I don't make mp because I am just not talented enough lol... My mp just looks like small block with something either sinking to the bottom or rising to the top with colors either too light or too dark.. I feel like with mp, u need a vision on what u r making. With cp, its a lot easier to...