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    BB Wildflower Honey VS. Peak Wild Mountain Honey?

    Peak is all sold out of their Wild Mountain Honey FO. I am wondering if Wildflower Honey from Brambleberry is the same fragrance?
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    My quest for coconut:

    Happy to see you back. I have learned so much from you, and hurting for some new instagram pics lol.
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    DAYSTAR The Green Tea?

    Just an update. I purchased this fragrance and it is awful.
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    Cherry fragrance

    Hmm I wonder what I did wrong. I have worked with WSP apple mango tango twice and both times it separates at 33% lye solution.
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    Cherry fragrance

    I have found Apple Mango Tango so difficult to work with. It separates for me, and the BRV fades so badly.
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    Rose scents and other flowers

    I like Rose Jam from daystar out of the bottle.
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    Vanilla Test Project

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    Vanilla Test Project

    Could you tell me your impressions of the daystar vanillas oob? Are there any that you really like?
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    Vanilla Test Project

    Jules can you tell me your thoughts on the Daystar vanillas? I like to order from there.
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    SC Fragrance Oils

    I like their coffee fragrance.
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    Grape WSP

    Has anyone tried any of the grape fragrances in CP from WSP?
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    DAYSTAR The Green Tea?

    Have you tried it? Thoughts? I am in Canada, and unfortunately MMS won't sell me their green tea.
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    Unisex scents

    My unisex is rosemary mint.
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    WSP Favorites

    What are your favorites? So far mine is Wild berry tulip. It smells awesome, but seized for me the first time. Blood Orange and Gogi Berry is also really nice.
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    My quest for coconut:

    I am wondering what usage rate you recommend for Caribbean coconut?
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    Does lather improve with cure for cp soap? Meaning does it get more lathery with cure?
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    winter fragrance thread?

    Oooh lala excellent idea!!
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    winter fragrance thread?

    I am wondering if there is a thread already started about winter fragrance recommendations? Can someone point me in the right direction. I see the one from NG, but any others?
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    Winter/Holiday FO Suggestions from NG?

    I don't like hippy Christmas...smells like motel soap to me. It discolors to tan.
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    Saucy Santa

    Thanks snappy