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    water soluble paper on cp soap

    Thank you, so I think I should use MP. Thanks
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    water soluble paper on cp soap

    Hi, i am trying to use soluble paper on my soap, i could only find tutorial for MP, can I use it with CP soap, will the heat during saponification melt the paper? thanks for any help
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    Liquid soap disasters

    I made liquid soap many times, always turn out good. Tonite I was showing someone how to make liquid soap, as soon as I added the lye to the oil, it separated and no way could I stick blend it together. Then I steamed it, I did not use a crockpot, it volcano. Then there were solid pieces of...
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    liquid soap made with naoh

    Has anyone tried making liquid soap with NAOH, i made a batch with olive oil, by mistake and i was very happy with it. i tried another batch with coconut oil, its very cloudy. Any advice or i shouldnt make liquid soap with lye? Thank you!! :bunny:
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    pine tar in vancouver

    Thank you very much for our help. Someone gave me some and I thought that they are readily available.
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    pine tar in vancouver

    Hi, can anyone please tell me where to buy pine tar for soap making? Thank you very much for your help. i am in vancouver