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  1. 45parallelsoapco

    Superfatting Questions for CP

    I soap at a 5% discount but have made soap with a 10% discount. It was awesome.
  2. 45parallelsoapco

    Soaping From Room Temperature

    I am not sure what the temperature of the lye water is - i don't think it matters (?) I melt my hard oils with the lye water - i measure my hard oils into one container. liquid oils into another. I mix my water and lye and once it is dissolved, I add it to the hard oils. It melts it in a few...
  3. 45parallelsoapco

    Labels Needed - help please

    I too use design your own - it is a great program to work with. I just started buying waterproof inkjet labels from and like them. But i have to use Word to print my info since avery doesn't have a same sized template. I have to say that i am not overly impressed...
  4. 45parallelsoapco

    Getting into good habits

    I have been making soap for a year and love it. This is my game plan on soaping day. 1. safety first. 2. assemble all ingredients 3. measure. 4. mix - i do NOT melt hard oils first, i use the heat transfer method. 5. pour. Put in the fridge. 6. I take tons of notes, every single time. I...
  5. 45parallelsoapco

    Good patchouli fragrance oil

    I get mine from It is super strong and my customers who love patchouli really love this one! It is the "sweet patchouli", not the "patchouli" FO they sell.
  6. 45parallelsoapco

    Adding Stearic Acid to GLS

    I love how it turned out! I started with your method of making GLS. I had been going through several threads here and saw the info about stearic acid and how it helps thicken, so i thought i would try it. After 24 hours it didn't look too good - all the stearic acid had separated. but...
  7. 45parallelsoapco

    doing the soap dishes

    I also use Dawn dish soap to clean up. First i clean as much out of my bowls and equipment as possible. i fill one side of my sink with everything, squirt in the dawn (into bowls too) and put in super hot water. let it soak for awhile, then wash and rinse with more super hot water. everything...
  8. 45parallelsoapco

    Adding Stearic Acid to GLS

    as an update, my gls came out great after adding the stearic acid. very bubbly and creamy.
  9. 45parallelsoapco

    Adding Stearic Acid to GLS

    Hello! First off, I want to say that I LOVE Irishlass' GLS recipe and have been using it faithfully. I was just reading a different thread and see that some of you add Stearic Acid to your GLS. Can I add it now that it has been diluted? And if so, should i melt it in a separate container and...
  10. 45parallelsoapco

    How did you find us?

    Hi! thank goodness i found you! on google search :) I have been making CP soap for a year and really love it. I just started making liquid soap and I think I love that more! I have a question though - what does the "tongue zap" test feel like? I have to make soap today, but I will...