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  1. Wendy.B

    Salt Bars Leaking

    Funnily enough, I went out today Relle and the soap is dry, it was dripping yesterday. It has been dry and windy today so maybe that was some of the issue.. It is going to bucket down tomorrow so maybe I will bring it out of the soap work shop and put it here inside somewhere. :-)
  2. Wendy.B

    Salt Bars Leaking

    Thank you for the feedback. I used uniodized cooking salt. Next time I am going to do a higher percentage of coconut and maybe use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, which is what I put on top as decoration.. I will wait and see what happens in the mean time. Did the old zap test..hah dumb move...
  3. Wendy.B

    Salt Bars Leaking

    I have never really been interested in making salt soap bars, but after a number of years making soap thought I would give it a go, because everyone says how great they are on the skin, and I am always up for being a lab rat for something new. However I think, there has been a gremlin in the...
  4. Wendy.B

    Rosemary and ???

    Rosemary always reminds me of my Grans old medicine cabinet, however I have recently made a Lemon, Rosemary and Honey bar.. works well.
  5. Wendy.B

    Beer Soap with beer FO

    I have done the same thing with beer soap.. I used a dark stout, made great soap, but the beer scent I added along with the stout.. well, smells like an un-aired brewery. Love your swirl, and the colour is so nice but I have no suggestions to the smell issue. Mine has been sitting in a box 6...
  6. Wendy.B

    Soap snail trails

    DeeAnna, awesome info thank you.
  7. Wendy.B

    New (to me) curing rack!

    What an awesome find, that is goint to be such a cool drying rack.. :D
  8. Wendy.B

    Soap snail trails

    Bizarre, Just the little idiosyncrasies of soap making I guess - I'm in no hurry for it to happen again lol I can't really sell it like that either, I could call it the "ugly but interesting soap"
  9. Wendy.B

    Soap snail trails

    Yes, I did use TD I don't think it was a huge amount.
  10. Wendy.B

    Soap snail trails

    Hi folks.. I have made this batch of soap .. olive, coconut, palm oils, shea butter, castor oil and essential oil. and when I cut it up, it looks like little snail trails through it, I have never had it happen before.. the only thing I can think of is I soaped at a too low temp.. I was hoping...
  11. Wendy.B

    Sort of new

    Hi folks, I joined this group a long time ago.,. then lost the login.. and even trying a reset didnt work.. I had not posted much so it is probably a mute point.. however, someone reminded me how great this forum was so I rejoined. I am a soap maker from Australia, and I love everything about...