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    Cupcake icing gone brown HELP!!!!

    my cupcake icing has discolored. I ve not had this problem before. They were made fresh last week. I put them under a light to dry as it was humid (not done that before) I used vanilla fragrance which ive done before no problems. Stressing as i sent 40 off and hope this was a one off
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    Hard Bath Cupcake Frosting Recipe Needed

    I just think people I guess im a bit new and naive to this all. I was hoping someone might have a recipe to share as i would if i had one. Its not that i dont like sugar. I have a meringue recipe that hardens beautifully i just thought people wiuld prefer a non sugary bath ? Thankyou for...
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    Hard Bath Cupcake Frosting Recipe Needed

    i am trying to make bath cupcakes with hard icing. I do not want to have sugar, lye or slsa in it. My current recipe pipes fine but isnt hardening? Melt and pour 1 pound Glycerine 1:4 cup Bath whip 1 cup HELP PLEASE DO U HAVE ANY RECIPES TO SHARE I would appreciate help for beginner